May Core Belief Challenge


It is almost May, people.

Can you believe that it's almost MAY?

I can't.

May brings flowers, and sunshine.

At Joggers Life, May brings with it self-awareness!

We all have them. Those evil thoughts that hide in the depths of ourselves. They cripple us, but we never realize it until it's too late. They're never true, but we always believe them. These thoughts could be related to success, love, self-worth, control, security, or any combination of the above.

They're called NEGATIVE BELIEFS, and they are the enemy. They're the often unconscious beliefs we have about ourselves and others. They're the things that sometimes stop us from doing the things that we desire, and from reaching our full potential.

These are the things that stop us from getting promotions, from running our first 5K, 1/2 marathon, marathon, from allowing ourselves to open up to loved ones, from losing weight, from sticking up for ourselves when it's necessary. They are entirely self-defeating.

I'm not good enough at my job/being a mom/being a wife. I'm not good enough to be loved/desired. I'm unwanted. I'm different. I'm defective. I'm imperfect. I'm bad. I'm powerless. I'm not as good as her/him. I'm not safe. I'm always wrong. I have no control over myself. I can't trust myself. I am weak.

Core beliefs give way to other supporting beliefs...such as "nobody loves me".

The good news is that since these beliefs are learned, it is entirely possible to re-learn new, positive, valid core beliefs.

I am strong. I can do anything I put my mind to. I am determined. I have control. I am lovable. I am wanted. I am likable. I am smart. I am in control of my own life. I am trustworthy. I am Superwoman.

Well. I totally made that one up, but feel free to reprogram yourself with "I am Superwoman" if that's what you need. I'm all for it. I love Superwoman.

For the month of May, I encourage everyone to be very self-aware. When these negative core beliefs creep into your psyche, I want you to stomp on them and squish their brains out.

Then, ask yourself this: "Where is the proof?"

Where is the PROOF that I am not likeable? Where is the PROOF that I am not in control of myself? Where is the PROOF that I am unloveable?

Then, you answer the question.

You will generally find some proof of a mistake or a slip-up that occurred at some point in your life, one that made you feel unlikeable, or unloved, or unworthy; but that one incident does not define you as a person. It does not define what is in your core.

After you identify the evidence, you should also identify the reasons why that is NOT a valid belief:

I have plenty of friends...I'm likeable! I have an awesome husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend who loves me...I'm loveable! I am not weak...I ran a marathon and gave birth, bitches!

Or something to that affect.

We'll call it the Joggers Life Core Belief Challenge! Anyone who keeps me updated through comments on this blog post will automatically be entered into a fantastic contest that will be announced at the end of May. I'm not telling you. It's fabulous, but it's a surprise.

Each time you post an update on your core belief challenge, you'll get one entry into the contest. Anyone who posts updates on their blog (and also links back to this post) will have their entries doubled.

A simple model for posting would be as follows:

Today, while I was ___________, I came across this negative core belief: "I am ______________________________". I stomped it's brains out, asked myself "where is the PROOF", and I decided that "I am ________________ because ______________________________".

Easy enough, right??

So...It's not May, but you can start now! If you happen upon this post mid-month, please feel free to join in still. Your entries will still count!

Let the Jogger's Life Core Belief Challenge BEGIN!




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