Maybe I Don't Have Time to Run...

But I sure do have time to eat! Normally, I love possessing the knowledge that I am eating to run. I'm fueling my body so that I can do better on my next workout.

However, since I've only been to the gym twice at lunch during the past 1.5 weeks, and only for strength/core training, I'm not really fueling for any good, purposeful reason. Eating has been kind of just...eating to eat.

Oh, but it has been fun. When is eating not fun? I mean, unless you're on Fear Factor of course.

One main highlight is that I have happily been relatively land-animal-free for the past 3 weeks. I have also been relatively green-smoothie-fabulous for the past 3 weeks. I'm finding solace in the fact that although I haven't sweat profusely in way too long, at least I'm not filling myself full of chemicals.

Here's a snippet of my most recent life in food (today's lunch):

Amy's organic cheddar cheese burrito Birds Eye Steam Fresh cauliflower & broccoli with Amy's Organic horseradish mustard & organic tamari soy sauce Apple

Tonight, schedule permitting, I will post pictures and a recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I know, I know.

But these are not your Mom's steamed Brussels sprouts. I promise.

In addition, last night I attempted to make almond butter. At 10:30PM. With a really loud food processor. HA! Take that, loud, piano-playing upstairs people! But, after about 15 minutes of loud food processing, I felt guilty. Because I'm a chronically guilty individual. So, I put everything in the fridge so that I can finish at another time. A more daylight-ish time. Or, when the upstairs Canadians are in Canada again.

*Note to self: start telling heinous stories about the upstairs neighbors!

So did everyone know that I moved all of my coupon info to a new website? From there, you can also access the store to purchase your very own coupon binder. I can't believe how they're's madness!

And, just in case you thought I forgot you, Amy...I didn't. Your binder is going out tomorrow. I'm losing my mind, but not enough to forget that!

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