Miso Freekeh!

I know, I know. The title is corny. But it's a little funny, right? So, last night I didn't feel like cooking. I wasn't in the mood to search the depths of my large melon-head to come up with a plan for dinner. However, I am a healthy eater. And healthy eaters cook (or un-cook). Even when they don't feel like it. Thankfully, through my organic food travels over the past month-ish, I have acquired quite a few items that would be considered "convenient", easy to prepare items. Perfect for a weeknight.

I was in a hurry because I had stopped at MOM's on the way home from work to quickly pick up some much-needed fruit and veggies. True to form, of course I walked out like 4 years later with a whole bunch of other stuff (wait for that in a fun upcoming post). Since I was shopping off-the-list, it took me extra long. I could seriously spend hours in an organic/gourmet food store. Or even in the kitchen gadget department of Tarjay.

In my Joggerverse, if it involves food, I'm taking my sweet time. I have to allot plenty of time for package fondling, label oogling, and content squishing. That's just the way it works. And I love every single moment of this long process.

Since it took me so long to oogle, fondle, and squish, I was running late. And, I had a telephone call at 9PM with http://customizedmarketing.com/, who is going to help me unveil an entirely Jogger-proof template that does all of the snazzy stuff that I want it to do. In such a way that I won't lose all of my readers again, or ever need to change my stupid template. Won't that be exciting! Stay tuned for that to happen very soon!

My point in all of this blah, blah, blahing?

I needed dinner, and I needed it fast.

After a lot of self-mumbling, I pulled the following items from my fridge:


This included two new, never-before-played-with items. Trader Joe's Greenwheat Freekeh, and Miso Master Organic Mellow White Miso. Now, I must qualify that by saying that I've had miso soup before, which I love. I've just never cooked with miso, so the experience was new.

Here's the scoop on TJ's Greenwheat Freekeh:


Not bad, not bad. Seemed like a very whole-food to me, and it comes in a package, yet is salt-free. Amazing.

So, I began wingin' in. That's sort of my cooking style. Abide by some basic cooking principles (do not chop off fingers, run with knives, or lick utensils that may contaminate food to be consumed by others). Other than that, I just go with the flow. For the most part, it's all about my large melon-head and a little creativity. Occasionally, I cart the MacBook into the kitchen, and refer to various recipes and such for guidance.

This is completely normal and safe, right?


Ummmm. Right?!

So, I really just chopped up the necessary ingredients and threw everything in the pan to saute in a little bit of olive oil. After the veggies started to get soft, I dumped in the egg whites. At this point, it looked like a really yummy egg white omelet.


But I didn't want an egg white omelet. That just wasn't freekeh enough.

Sorry. I just couldn't resist. I'm impulsive like that.

So at that point, I savagely tore open the package of freekeh. I smelled it. It had an aroma that I couldn't really identify. Sort of nutty and grainy, but with a protein-y undertone. Got that? I wasn't sure about this freekeh stuff. I tossed it into the pan anyway. Along with some veggie broth.


Yeah, yeah. I know. It's too late to be making dinner. But, as previously mentioned, I was busy fondling, oogling, and squishing.

So, then, I mixed a tablespoon of mellow white miso with about 3 tablespoons of warm water to dissolve. It looked like miso soup. Mmmmmmm. Miso soup. I didn't get a picture of the dissolving process, but by golly, I did take a picture to document my other-worldly clumsiness. This is so typical and expected.



So, I re-dissolved. No biggie. I'm used to doing things twice. At least twice. Sometimes like 5 or 6 times. Welcome to my world.

I combined the dissolved miso with the other ingredients, and cooked for about 5 more minutes. The miso container specifically says not to boil the miso, so I kept the heat very low. Here is the finished product...


See, here's the thing. I really liked the chewy texture of the freekeh, but it was horribly blah when I took my first bite. Then, I added some tamari soy sauce, and things started to look up. I ate the whole bowl. It was good. I'm awarding Miso Freekeh the Jogger's Seal of Approval, but I suggest that if you try this combination, use spices and seasonings that are on the stronger side because the freekeh itself doesn't have much flavor.

I just had an epiphany. It might be good to marinate the freekeh.

Sounds freekeh, doesn't it?



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