Monday FUNDAY!!!

Did you see Hanni eat a LARABAR?

If you missed it, you are basically the only person on the face of the earth who did, because even sweet Lewis from LARABAR saw it. Lewis liked it so much that he posted Hanni on the official LARABAR blog today.

After emailing me to let me know that he had posted Hanni on the blog, Lewis offered to make ME the LARABAR fan of the day, and asked if he could send me some free goodies. Not one to pass up free (yummy) goodies, I obliged his request.

Oh geez. Twist my arm, Lewis!

So, if you click here, you will first see me, as the LARABAR Fan of the Day, and then below me you will see my little feathered baby girl, enjoying her LARABAR in my video.

I'm sure she's going to love trying the freebies that Lewis sends.

And, if Lewis forgets all about me and Hanni and never sends us any freebies, it's OK. My bird had her 15 minutes of virtual fame.

But I don't think he'll forget--he seems like the nicest guy ever. I mean, he told me that he loves me. That's a big deal. I think we're getting married next week. Or at least engaged.

I can't wait to go home and tell Hanni all about her fame (and her new bird dad)!

Speaking of parrots, did you know that African Gray parrots can live for 80 years? Yes, you read that right. EIGHTY YEARS. I didn't get Hanni bird until I was in my early 20's, and she's almost 11 years old now. Since I am a chronic worrier, I am constantly thinking about what will happen to my bird when I croak.

Does anyone want to adopt a LARABAR-eating African Gray parrot upon my death? Maybe your kids want a feathered friend?

Yeah, I know. That whole "large parrots freak me out" thing might make it difficult for me to fill this request.

And, she poops a lot.

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