Nikko, the Bunny Maimer

So, I actually had to look up "Maimer", just to ensure that I wasn't making up a word. Although I often make up my own words, this is not one of those times, surprisingly. "Maimer" is in fact a word, and I think I may have even used it properly. Miraculous.

Back to our show...

Due to the fact that my little Nikko is a rescued pup, there is no clear-cut explanation of what breed he is. What I know about Nikko is as follows:

1) He doesn't really like strangers, especially men.

2) He sheds little dog hair tumbleweeds all over my hard-wood floor day and night. As if it is his job. As if my sole purpose in life is to vacuum up his dog hair tumbleweeds. As if I have nothing better to do all day than vacuum dog hair tumbleweeds from behind the TV. As if I totally love picking dog hair off of my socks before putting on my shoes, lest I have dog hair tumbleweeds inside of my shoes. I'm not bitter or anything.

3) He's incredibly obedient. Well, unless faced with a strange man, or a small animal that he thinks that he might have a chance of catching and maiming. There's that word again! I might say it again too. Wait for it.

My Gazelle, whom I love for so many various reasons, thinks that point #3 is one of the coolest things about Nikko. When he takes Nikko outside and they encounter the one rogue bunny that happens to hang out in our citified condo development, he runs with Nikko on the leash so that they can try to catch the poor little helpless rogue bunny.

Poor bunny.

In a previous post, I mentioned that we brought Nikko home a little stuffed bunny that happened to look just like the poor rogue bunny that he sometimes chases outside. Well, Nikko took one look at the poor little rogue bunny impostor, and immediately wanted to cause bodily injury to it. He wanted to pull every last ounce of stuffing from the helpless little bunny...and the squeaker too. The cute little squeaker was not even safe.

Poor bunny.

He immediately dragged rogue bunny impostor to his lair. He was so proud of himself. See the little doggy smile?

Disclaimer: Please ignore the hole in the sofa cover. This is the hole that my crazy African Grey Parrot ate.'s the dog sofa. I'm not concerned.

Then he kindly warned his sister to stay the helicopter away from his bunny.

"Please stay away from my bunny?"

He was really enjoying the poor stuffed bunny.

Then Nikko proceeded to jump off of the holey dog sofa, bunny in mouth, and began his characteristic psychotic zooming back and forth, back and forth, (and back and forth) past Maya. And might I say, Maya was pissed. Can I say pissed without offending? Wait. This is my blog. So anyway, Maya was PISSED! She just studied him.

Disclaimer: Please ignore the random table in the middle of my living room. I was wrapping Christmas gifts, and it would have been way too much work to see the TV from the dining room table. I'm lazy like that.

Disclaimer #2: Ignore the random leg residing behind the table leg. It happens.

Maya just sat and watched...studied him as he jumped off the holey sofa, zoomed into the dining room...

And zoomed back over to jump back onto the holey sofa.

p.s...aren't My Gazelle's shoes so cool? I wish they made them for girls.

Soon, the inevitable happened.

Rogue stuffed bunny FELL out of Psykko's mouth.

And then, the standoff ensued.

This went on for about...oh...42 seconds. Then Psykko promptly jumped off the holey sofa and retrieved his prize.

And he was victorious, as usual. He's sort of the alpha dog around here.

And Maya just sat there, watching...very intently.

Plotting. I just know she's plotting. Because girls are smarter than boys. She'll get him someday.

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