Oh, Hi! It's You! Welcome Back!

In honor of the 3 blog followers that I lost in the past 3 hours (yes, it's true...although I'm not sure what warranted this sudden unfollowing trend)...

I'd like to give a warm, Joggerslife welcome back to two of my old best friends.

Collar Bone,


Triceps Muscle!

Upon their recent reappearance, I questioned their months long hiatus. I learned that they have been on a temporary vacation, one in which they brought along massive quantities of food, and did very little exercise.

I'm happy to have them back, I really missed them.

I plan to fully question collar bone and triceps later on today to see if I can figure out where some of my other former companions (gluteus maximus, biceps, latissimus dorsi) have been as of late. Hopefully, together with collar bone and triceps I can convince the rest to return.

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