Oh, Kitchen! **sigh**

In case you missed it the other 2,387 times that I have mentioned, MY KITCHEN IS SMALL.


It looks all Bizzle Crocker (this is what My Gazelle calls me when I'm really whipping up some messes in the kitchen) with the 1952 rolling pin on the counter.  I got that at an antique store, along with a marble rolling pin and slab.  All for $10.  Bargain.

I'm still trying to figure something out.


How in the world am I going to fit any more food or appliances on this tiny little smidgen of counter space?


Because this is it people.  It's all I got!

And I'm afraid that if I need one more thing.  Just one...I will most definitely be preparing quiches and peanut butter brownies on my hardwood floor.

And that's just not ok.  Because there's definitely dog hair on that surface.

Do you share in my space woes?



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