Our Wedding Plan: The Chapel.

I know I've gone missing this week.  It wasn't really my intention, but I'm one of those people who consistently takes on way more responsibility than I can handle.  Let's take a quick inventory.

  • Full-time accountant
  • Freelance writer
  • Part-time Mother
  • Pretend blogger
  • Exerciser
  • Full-time crazy person
  • Wedding planner

In essence, I took a 12" plate fit for a buffet, piled it high, and then decided to order a side of fruit, yogurt, and granola.  And cookies.  And ice cream.  Lots of cookies and ice cream.

Ironically, that kind of sums up my dietary selections lately as well.

Despite all of the crazy that I have birthed, I welcome the chaos.

Besides my problem of taking on too much at once, I also can't stand having responsibilities looming over my head.  I like the idea of getting a job finished quickly so that I don't have to worry about it anymore.  For that reason, I've almost planned my entire wedding.


Six days post-proposal.

That's kind of just how I roll.

Also ironically, My Gazelle and I had discussed the wedding basics last week on Wednesday (he proposed on Friday).  We decided at that point that we would get married in a tiny local church called Dorsey Chapel.  It holds historical significance in the area because it was  built in 1900 to serve the black farming community of the area because there was no other Methodist church within comfortable walking distance.

The church was abandoned around 1971 when the congregation merged with another local congregation due to low attendance.  The church was planned for demolition in 1980, but was instead acquired by a group of local citizens, who then renovated the church and turned it over to the local Park Police.  Now, the restored church is adorable, and is rented out to people for weddings and such.


We looked at the chapel on Wednesday morning, and knew immediately with no hesitation that it was the place we wanted to be married.  The chapel itself has five pews on each side, and each pew seats 5 people.  Since it only seats 50 people, it is ideal for the intimate wedding that we're planning.  Since this is my second wedding, I want to celebrate, but I'm not interested in going all out.

There are two old-school outhouses located behind the chapel, but luckily they have since been replaced by a separate building that contains two restrooms, an office, and a large room that can be used as a sitting room or a changing room.  It's small, simple, and perfect for us.

Since the chapel sits on a beautiful wooded lot, it's perfect for photographs.  Our wedding date is October 16, 2010, so the fall foliage is going to be amazing.  **sigh**  I always wanted a fall wedding!

I was so touched by all of your nice comments and congratulations on my Love and Marriage post.  Hopefully now you'll all stick around while I manage my wedding craziness and get all of the details ironed out.  I've already planned my save the date announcements and invitations, and (shocker), I'll be making them by myself.  So, stay tuned for my wedding series!  =)

p.s...I know Kobe is a gross cheater.  But he still looks good.  lol.

p.s.s...to all of you wonderful resort owners:  I would be happy to compose several very SEO friendly articles in return for a free honeymoon.  **wink, wink**  There's no shame in my game.

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