Pasta, Mushrooms & Spinach...With a Sprinkle of Crack.

While wandering around my kitchen, preparing food for Sunday Brunch (look for a post on that tomorrow), I realized that I was starving.  I ran 7 miles this morning (go training schedule!), and have sort of maintained a sporadic eating schedule today (i.e. a banana and granola bar pre-run, post-run apple, orange and bagel sandwich from Einstein's, then a random bowl of cereal at 5PM when I woke up from my 2 hour nap). Starving.

Unfortunately, I was having a moment of indecisiveness.

Then, like magic, Google Reader told me that I had a new blog post to read from PW Cooks.  Then, I read about this recipe.  And drooled.  I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner.


My version is roughly based on Pastor Ryan's version, I just made a few changes  based upon my own taste and ingredient availability...

  • I am out of beer, so I omitted.
  • I am assuming that PR used red wine, but I only had white.
  • I added spinach, because my body will revolt if I don't eat at least one veggie today.  For shame.  Green smoothie to follow as well.
  • I used only a splash of heavy cream.  Because, well...I love the taste, but I don't love the way it makes my ass look.
  • I didn't have crimini mushrooms, so I used standard white mushrooms.
  • I had planned on serving this over leftover soba noodles, but unfortunately, they also SMELLED leftover, so I nixed them and used rotini.
  • I added grated Manchego on top, because thanks to Sarah, it's pretty much my crack these days.
  • I drizzled my bowl with a little bit of white truffle oil.  So that I could make up for the fat I was missing in the heavy cream.  But, it's just SO good.


If I could,


I would totally send you some of the leftovers.

Not because I don't want to eat them later.  No, no.

Because I love you and I want to feed you.  It's my issue, not yours.



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