Pasta Party

So. In case you forgot, or didn't listen the other 12,435 times that I've mentioned it, My Gazelle is the po-po, and he works a crazy schedule.  The loneliness that is birthed from his crazy schedule has sparked a lot of ideas to fill the space when I'm home alone.  Such as my impromptu runin with a blue face mask, for instance.

I don't know.  It filled the time.  And my skin felt lovely afterwards.

I was home alone Saturday, on the 4th of July.  This was an extra-specially bad day to be home alone, because last year on the 4th of July, My Gazelle and I were having the greatest time vacationing with my mom, niece, and My Sista.  This year was kind of anticlimactic after last year's performance.


I mean really.

Sidebar: So, I'm looking at these pictures now, and I think I was actually heavier last year.  That's funny.  I hadn't noticed until now.



That was probably like my best vacation ever.

Things were a little different this year.


I love them and all.

I'm just sayin.  Things were a little different.

I must admit that I had a momentary pity party.  Then I decided to do what I do best: cook, and consume.


And really, who needs friends anyway?



Marinated butterfly shrimp + corn on the cob + perfect pasta salad = no more lonely 4th of July.

It wasn't so much the act of eating the food...the part that helped me feel better was the process of preparing it.

Does food cure your woes?


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