Polar Running Watch?

This, my friends, is a Polar 190025960 RS200 Watch. Purportedly, this little gadget keeps track of your heart rate as well as running distance and pace, allows you to set pace and heart rate goals, has alternating and repeating countdowns/alarms.

Here is the descriptive mumbo-jumbo:

"The RS200 was made for goal oriented runners who want to prepare for their first running event or who want to enhance their running experience. Use the Polar sports zones and the event countdown timer to manage your training for that key running event. You can even upload your settings to your running computer and then download your workout files to the Polar Running Coach Web Service for analysis. Wearlink fabric transmitter included."

Goal oriented runner? Check!
Enhance running experience? Check!
Manage training? Check!
Upload settings Check!
Download workouts Check!

It would seem that this here Polar running watch is the answer to my prayers, but is it all too good to be true?

Help! Does anyone have one of these?

Better yet...does anyone want to donate one of these to me? Lord knows that I've spent the gads of money that I've saved on coupons over the past 6 months on REPLACEMENT NIKE + RECEIVERS!

I kid. I kid.

No donations necessary. I'll buy the darn thing if it works. I just can't bring myself to spend $200 (or more) on a Garmin...but I really don't want to be cheapola and buy this one if it doesn't work.

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