"Raw" Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudgies

So, I'm using the term "raw" loosely this time, because it's nearly impossible (from what I've read) to find raw oatmeal.  Or oat products in general.  The reason?  Oat products become rancid quickly. Rancid.

Nobody likes a rancid oat.

So, oats are generally steamed in order to prolong the shelf life.  Thus, my beautiful chocolate peanut butter fudgies are as raw as I could make them.  I am not a miracle worker.  Unfortunately.

sidebar: yes, I just said "thus".

Raw, steamed, boiled, grated, shredded...it just doesn't matter.  These are delicious.

Set your oven on the lowest possible setting, or get your food dehydrator ready!  Here we go...

Agave, honey, and medjool dates plus cocoa powder = love.  Pure, unadulturated love.


Add copious amounts of Bob's Red Mill Flaxseed Meal.  Yeah, Bob's my homey.  Me and Bob's Red Mill?  We go way back.


To that lovely concoction, you MUST add a smidge of coconut butter.  Why?  Basically, just because I said so.  My heart told me to do it.  And I un-bake with my heart and my heart alone.

For some reason, this coconut butter did not want to be photographed.  I took exactly 3 pictures of the coconut butter, and they all looked exactly like this.  All blurry and confused.  I don't know.  I can't explain it.  Coconut butter just wasn't in the mood to be photographed.


And this is the point where we pretend...

We pretend that I wasn't so distracted by the fact that the coconut butter picture didn't turn out that I forgot to set up the other ingredients for their photo op.  First, pretend that there is a picture of raw peanut butter being seductively poured into the bowl.

It looks delicious, doesn't it?

Then, pretend that there is a beautiful, clear, concise picture of these oats; being lovingly poured into the bowl of chocolat-y, agave-y, flax mealy, peanut butter-y goodness.


And then, the fun part.

Smash it all together with your hands.  Please do not use a spoon, or they just won't taste very good.  Please do feel free to have fun.  Smash and smoosh and enjoy yourself.

But you must not taste test.




I mean, it's so gross.


p.s...my momma is cringing right now.

So, don't taste test.  Civilized people just don't do things like that.

Now, go wash your hands.


Form the batter into round balls, or just drop them with a spoon onto food dehydrator trays (or cookie sheets), and dehydrate at 105 degrees for 7-8 hours.  Or, set your oven on the lowest possible setting, and leave in the oven with the door open.  If you have a pilot light, even better.  No need to turn on the heat.  You can also alternate between leaving the door open for a period of time, and closing it for a period of time.  You just have to watch it pretty carefully so that they don't get melty or heat too fast or too much.


These little fudge beauties rival the "no bake" cookies that I made as a child, but they are so much healthier.  They really are delicious, and the oats get softer and soak up the other flavors as they dehydrate.  If you are opposed to the taste of agave, or if you are not a fan of the aftertaste (I have noticed an agave aftertaste), I recommend using more honey and less agave.  I like to use agave because the GI is much lower than honey.

Jogger's "Raw" Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudgies (Printable Version)

Go forth and taste test make Fudgies!

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