Rewind: Sunday Brunch Bunch

I was sad on Sunday when I woke up to yucky rain.  This fact meant that all original plans to spectate the Columbia Triathlon with my girls were thwarted.  Rained out.  Because, well, we're wussies, and we didn't want to stand in the rain.  It sucked, because I was really looking forward to using the opportunity to get myself pumped up about IronGirl next year. I knew there was only one thing that we could do.  The only thing that could ease the pain was to proceed on with our monthly brunch bunch as planned.  No spectating, just eating.

Tough break, I know.

Although I was upset, these did a pretty good job at soothing the pain.


Oh, how I loved thee.


Here's the whole spread.


Clockwise from left: Nina B's leftover first birthday cupcakes, Mandy's crab bake, my slightly over-charred quiche & breakfast potatoes, My tower of sugar power, Jen's yummy hash brown bake, and filled croissants.  Oooh.  Filled croissants.

Quichey Poo.


This was only my second quiche attempt.  The first attempt was in honor of last month's brunch bunch.  I used the same filling, just switched up the crust and threw some cheese on top.

Note to self: for the 3rd attempt, do not change the crust or throw cheese on top.

Hey...what can I say...I'm still learning.


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