Rice Yogurt?

I love Greek yogurt. I love the texture, the bitterness, that little bite that you get when you eat it. I don't, however, care for the standard cow-milk, highly-sweetened, flavored yogurt that is found in most grocery stores. It's partially a texture problem for me, and partially an issue of the stuff just being far too sweet.

I have really been going out on limbs in regards to new foods lately. Since I'm not convinced that dairy is the best thing for me, and I don't particularly care for soy products, I've been trying various almond, coconut, and rice-derived alternatives.

Blog Readers, meet Ricera Rice Yogurt.

Ricera Rice Yogurt, meet Blog Readers.


(sorry for the crapola picture, I only have my iPhone today. Remind me again...why did I pay $400 for a phone that doesn't send or receive picture messages AND takes crappy pictures?)

Let's just say that what I was expecting was yogurt, but what I got was pureed strawberry rice pudding. Very, very sweet, pureed strawberry rice pudding. There is just too much sugar in this stuff for me. To mix up the sweetness, and because I have developed an inability to throw food away, I dumped in some nearly unsweetened Wheat Chex. It sort of helped. Not really though.

In conclusion: no thank you.

I also purchased the vanilla flavored Ricera, so I'm hoping it will be a little less sweet. I'll let you know how that goes.


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