Sexy Six Pack Challenge

I've never been commitment phobic. I am a "look after leaping" kind of gal. Thus, I was very easily convinced to participate in Run To Finish's Sexy Six Pack Challenge, which commences on Monday. Don't we all want six pack abs?

A slew of non-commitment-phobic blog hoppers who also desire six pack abs have decided that this is a lovely way to start off the new year. All participants had to chose their own 30-day plan, and come up with a way to be able to track and report their progress. I chose to use the Men's Health Belly Off 2009 plan (thank you for the suggestion, @zstruck), which has 3 options. I'm going to do the "Bodyweight II" option. Their actual plan is 8 weeks long, so I'll do the entire 8 weeks, but only 4 weeks will matter for the challenge. I'm basically 8 weeks away from having six pack abs, right?

Wait. I don't have to be a man in order to do this plan, right?

I will be posting my results every week by way of photos and measurements right here on the ole bloggie. I'm a little nervous about posting pictures of my (gasp!) stomach for all to oogle. My stomach is one of "those" parts of my body. I'd rather post pictures of my arse, to be honest. It's already firm. My stomach, on the other hand, is so not. I've been known to call this area of my body "my flabs" as opposed to "my abs". Which is why I'm doing this here challenge.

Which is why I'm not going to have nightmares about everyone seeing my less-than-perfect stomach.

If anyone is interested in joining the Sexy Six Pack Challenge, they can still do so right here. You should do it, six pack abs are cool man.

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