Sexy Six Pack Challenge (LATE) Update

I had every intention of publishing this post prior to the 2/20 Sexy Six Pack Challenge deadline, but the dog ate my laptop. Not really. I just didn't do it. For some reason, I'm having a difficult time lately turning my laptop on between Thursday & Sunday. There are just so many other things to do lately. In addition, I'm sure most of you know that when the computer turns on, one is instantly sucked into the centrifuge that is "the world wide web". An innocent check of the email or blog comments can turn into a 3 hour traipse around the WWW, and I have no willpower when it comes to such centrifugal things.

In any case.

I did not post in a timely fashion, but wanted to update just the same.

When I started the challenge, I planned on doing the 2009 Men's Health Belly Off program. This proved to be somewhat too complicated for my brain to wrap itself around, and I ended up here, doing a free, streaming version of 8-Minute-Abs from 1980-something. The deal was that we were to do our chosen plan 3 times per week. I stuck with that, and I also did some less intensive abs at the gym from time to time. In addition, I've been training for my 1/2 for the past 4 weeks, so my running mileage has increased, as well as having added push-ups and some additional stability and core work. These things have factored into the equation as well. I haven't, however, changed my eating habits in any significant way. If anything, I've been eating more because I have been so schmarfing hungry lately.

In one of my impromptu Thoughtful Thursday updates, I told you about my snafu with the measuring tape, so these measurements are based on my new (less forgiving) measuring tape. I did all new measurements around February 5th when I discovered the measuring tape debacle, so there is about a week of "limbo" in there. No biggie.

Waist 2/5: 33"
Waist 2/20: 31.5" (ironically, this is where I started with the old measuring tape)
Loss: 1.5"

Bust 2/5: 39.5"
Bust 2/20: 38"
Loss: 1.5"

Hips 2/5: 38"
Hips 2/20: 37"
Loss: 1"

Right Biceps 2/5: 12"
Right Biceps 2/20: 11.5"
Loss: 0.5"

Left Biceps 2/5: 11.5"
Left Biceps 2/20: 11.5"
Loss: 0"

Right Upper Thigh 2/5: 18.5"
Right Upper Thigh 2/20: 18"
Loss: 0.5"

Left Upper Thigh 2/5: 18"
Left Upper Thigh 2/20: 18"
Loss: 0"

Right Calf 2/5: 16.5"
Right Calf 2/20: 16"
Loss: 0.5"

Left Calf 2/5: 15"
Left Calf 2/20: 15"
(I was quite surprised that my right calf was a full 1.5" larger than my left calf. That was interesting since my right calf is the one that is always bothering me.)
Loss: 0"

Total Loss: 5.5"

My conclusion:

In addition to the 5.5" (all over) loss, my abs are much tighter. Did I mention much tighter? I was dealing with a serious bowl of jelly before, and now I actually feel my abs engaging when I run, as well as when I'm doing everyday things. I was basically ignoring my abs. They were completely neglected and planning a hostile takeover. I would attribute the inches lost not only to the ab work I did with the 8-minute abs video, but also to increased mileage with running.

From a core-strength perspective, I really like the 8-minute abs video. I'll continue doing this video on a regular basis. It gives me exactly what I need...a fast, concise, pin-pointed ab workout, in only 8 minutes. I'm chronically impatient, so it's perfect for me.

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