Sexy Six Pack Challenge Update

Guess whose abs are sore.

C'mon, guess.

What? Me? You guessed that MY abs are sore?

You are basically a genius.

But, I bet that you didn't think that my abs could be sore from an 8 Minute Abs video, circa 1984! I'm only guessing 1984 due to the bright fuchsia and turquoise leotards worn by the hot chicks in the back who are sporting huge feathered hair. I'm pretty sure that I took a trip to 8-Minute-AbsVille back in 1994, by way of an old VCR tape that someone let me borrow, but I didn't plan on ever having to visit this locale again.

So here's how it went down...

I signed up for the Sexy Six Pack Challenge, as organized by Run To Finish, and committed to doing the Men's Health Belly Off 2009--Bodyweight II Plan. I started. I swear I did. I even took the pictures of my hideous flabs, and measured the girth of my midsection. The problem was that upon seeing the pictures, I didn't want you guys to see me in that horrible state. So I procrastinated.

And procrastinated.

And procrastinated.

In the meantime, I was regularly attempting to do the Men's Health exercise plan thingy, but quite frankly, it was more complicated than I expected, and I really don't do "complicated" very well when it comes to exercising. The first time I attempted and bailed on the Belly Off exercises, I went to Mega Video online and searched for ab workouts that I could stream online. Sadly, the only one that lasted more than 3 minutes was the aforementioned 1984 8-minute abs beauty.

Each time I tried and bailed on the complicated Belly Off exercises, I tuned in to that trusty 8-minute abs stream. Simple, to the point, non-complicated. Perfect. I've now done it 4 times (3X last week, once yesterday), and it still hasn't become any easier! And so, my plan has changed.

I am going to do the 8-minute abs video for the duration of this challenge. The challenge began on Monday, January 19th, and lasts until February 19th. In addition to 8-minute abs, my running mileage will be increasing due to race training. But I'm not changing my diet.

You can't make me.

And because I'm way too chicken, I'm not posting any pix yet. Maybe on Monday...after I've done the exercises more than 4 times. But, just for the record, my beginning waist measurement was 31.5". Don't tell anyone.

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