SkirtSports Giveaway: Enter NOW!

Alright kids.

If you've stuck by my craziness for the past few months (or gone back to read my earlier posts because you love me that much), you will know that I love SkirtSports.

When it comes to workout clothes, here are my priorities:

1) Comfort
2) Cuteness
2) Functionality
3) Durability
4) Cuteness
5) Did I mention cuteness?

I confess. I like cute workout clothes.

And. And...and I like it when my workout clothes match my running shoes.

Was that out loud?

Moving along.

I'm not sure how I even found out about SkirtSports, but it was a few years ago. I was mildly hesitant at first about what others would think of my running in a skirt. I didn't care enough to let it impede my purchase though. Let's face it. Cute is cute.

I recall buying my first black GymGirl. Actually, I bought one for me, and one for My Sista. When I told My Sista what I had done, she chuckled and said "you don't run in a skirt! She then told me that I was "such a girl", and blew me off. Months later, she very nonchalantly told me that she had tried (and was quite pleased with) her GymGirl.

She hasn't looked back, and neither have I. We love the things.

So, I don't really care if you run in skirts right now. I also don't care if it's freezing arse cold where you live, because SkirtSports has found a solution for that. And, I'm giving away a $25 gift certificate from SkirtSports RIGHT NOW.

You have no choice but to love SkirtSports at this point.

All you have to do to enter the contest is tell me your funniest running story.

Did you pee on yourself during a race? Did you trip and fall over Jacques who was running in front of you? Did you get smoked by a blonde 11 year old in pigtails at your last 5K (or does that only happen to me)?

I'll stop allowing entries whenever I feel like it. It all depends on how many of you lurkers enter the contest. I know you're there. Google Analytics tells me you are. Stop pretending. As soon as I have a descent number of entrants (I'm hoping for 50), I'll be drawing one winner using the nifty online random number generator.

Good luck!

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