Small Kitchen, Remastered.

With the knowledge that I was going to be snowed in this weekend, I made it a point to stop at MOM's after work yesterday. Besides toilet paper (because for some reason everyone in Maryland thinks that they are going to run out of toilet paper when it snows), my goal was to pick up all of the missing ingredients that I needed in order to officially declare today a baking party.

Also with the knowledge that today was indeed going to be a baking party, I decided that it was time to lay the smack down on my kitchen. I have been running myself pretty thin with work and traveling and schoolwork, so I have been slacking on my kitchenly duties.

There hasn't been very much noteworthy cooking going on.

In turn, there hasn't been much space, because everything seems to pile up in our tiny kitchen. When we run out of space, rather than my lifelong "out with the old, in with the new" policy, we have been letting things pile up on the counters.

Clutter makes me insane, and causes me to avoid the scene of the clutter. Thus, making me want to stay even further from the kitchen, which is sad because I love cooking so much.

Enough was enough.

A little over 6 months ago, I complained about my tiny kitchen, and how I didn't have space for anything else inside the kitchen. I eventually came to realize that the problem was not the size of my cute little kitchen.

The problem was me.

I was collecting too much food, and as much as I love food, there is just no reason why a girl needs 4 packages of dried apples. I also had 10 boxes of Rice-A-Roni, which I don't even eat. And they were expired.

It's just not necessary.

So, I let my kitchen know who's boss.

And made it a place where I wanted to cook again.

Here are three before pix, which actually surprised me when I saw them:

I had like ZERO counter space.


There was just no place to work.

So, I fixed it!

Plenty of space now!

And, alas, I was excited to get started on my Christmas baking party.

It all began with my very first Christmas Stollen!

Here's a glimpse, and I'll post the recipe soon!

And, I'm still snowed in. I actually think that this is the most I've seen it snow in Maryland during the entire 11 years that I've lived here. Hopefully I can make it to work on Monday!

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