Sweat-Fest Update

With The Boilermaker now officially a piece of history, I am focusing my attention on The Baltimore Marathon. I'm scared, but I'm just going to go with the flow of my training plan. And pray.

Lots of praying.

This week I didn't do much.  I had a hard time getting my head in the game after The Boilermaker.

I did, however, remind myself that in order to not become debilitated by a mere 20 walking lunges, one must do them fairly regularly. I did lunges on Thursday, but as of yesterday, my hamstrings were still screaming. Needless to say, yesterday's long run felt very, very long.

I'm sure that laying a 7' x 7' patio by myself on Saturday didn't help my cause.

But, I'm going to blame it on the lunges.

Onward and upward! It's a new week of training, the highlight of which I'm sure will be this weekends long 12 mile run. I haven't ran that far since May 3 at my 1/2 marathon. We'll see how it goes!

MY Balto Plan 2009


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