The Best Laid Plans.

I love nice, neat plans.  I'm an accountant.  We like spreadsheets and analysis and organization. Remember this?


This was the plan that would successfully take me from The Boilermaker 15K to The Baltimore Marathon in 18 weeks.

Wasn't is such a pretty, organized, neat plan?

I loved it.  Everything looked so predictable.  Stable.  Dependable.

Well guess what?

bm-to-baltimore wonkercized

My training plan has gone from great to ugly in two months.

My ego is bruised.  My Sista ran 20 miles yesterday (breezed through it, by the way), while I ran 3 miles and biked 5 before I had to bail because I thought I might pass out.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so proud of her.  She's accomplishing something that she never thought she could do; but I wish things were happening a little easier for me.

I've been feeling run-down for about a week now.  I'm trying to ward off the ick, but I'm pretty sure that I've picked the most inconvenient time to come down with an illness.

Looking on the bright side, my 3 miles were painless.

Meh.  That's not really much of a constellation for me at this point.  The marathon is a little over a week away, and I'm going to be thankful  to just finish within the 7 hours that they allow before closing the streets.  I will be very heartbroken and embarrassed if it takes me more than 7 hours to finish this race.

I'm trying to think positive thoughts, but it's really difficult to do when the odds seem to continue stacking against me.


Very, very frustrating.

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