The Foodie Giveaways are Ridiculous this Week!

I'm getting dizzy with all of the giveaways! My head is spinning! It's insanity!

Most of these don't require that you have a blog to enter, so give it a shot non-bloggers! Have fun!

Missy Maintains is giving away a really cool selection of Michael's Season's goodies.

Run To The Finish is giving away a canister of goodness from My Way Cereal!

Run, Eat, Repeat is giving away a Quaker gift bag.

Julie Go Lean is giving away some of her favorite things...they just so happen to look like some of my favorite things too!

Melon Cauliflower is giving away a selection of goodies in her Survive the Slump contest.

The Hungry Yogini is giving away Barney Butter. I still have not tried this stuff, and I'm still dying to.

Healthnut Em is giving away the most adorable I <3 Oatmeal t-shirt. I must win one.

Jumbo Empanadas is giving away a Vita Mix blender. Fo reals??!! I could totally use one of those for my Green Smoothies!

Danica is giving away a selection of Annie's Treats! It's her first giveaway!

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