The Jogging Pumpkin.

So I just became really nervous about posting my "Happy Halloween" wishes way too late (since it's 11PM as I'm beginning this post).  Then I realized that in an hour, it will be now again...or something like that.  So, technically...I have 2 hours before Halloween is officially over, so I might just take my time. In any case, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Last week, I carved pumpkins with Restaurant Boy.


As in, I scooped the guts out, and he crafted a beautiful Halloween pumpkin for me.

pumpkin jogger1

Technically, I was supposed to be carving this pumpkin, but he is way more artistically inclined.  As soon as he heard my fantastic idea of creating a pumpkin Jogger, he became emotionally involved with the project.  He anticipated certain pumpkin Jogger demise as soon as he spotted me wielding the X-Acto knife, and immediately asserted himself for my own sake.  Smart guy.  Good friend.  Possibly saved my life.  Real and pumpkin versions.

I felt bad as he slaved away on my pumpkin-self.  While I Tweeted.  Excessively.  As usual.

Then, we lit the little lady up.  I was thoroughly impressed by RB's pumpkin carving skills.  He's the pumpkin master.

lit up

And honestly, this chick is doing a helluva lot more jogging than yours truly.  Like if she were jogging one pumpkin Jogger mile, that was one mile more than I've ran in 3 weeks.  I hope she doesn't come down with bursitis like I did.

I'll spare you of my bursitis woes for now.  I'll have plenty of time to complain about that next week.

Stay tuned for a very important post...for all those who may have missed it on Twitter.  =)

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!!

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