Thoughtful Thursday

Ever had one of those days when you can't stop "the thoughts"?

One of those days where you wake up startled because you were just dreaming about how your black dog is actually a black rat, and your grayish/brownish dog is actually a grayish/brownish mouse, but you don't care. You pet them and kiss both of them on the nose anyway. You love them, even though they are scurrying around a box filled with potatoes.

Oh. You haven't?

Me neither.

I can't guarantee that there will be any specific 'theme' to this post. I don't promise a plot, or a direction, or even a satisfying ending.

What I'm trying to say is that my brain is full of thoughts today. I don't know if it was spurred by the rat and mouse dream, but I have been trapped by thoughts since I woke up.

For instance #1:
In the shower, I was "writing" an illustrated children's book in my head. I must admit that this is something that I've always wanted to do (writing a children's book), but I've never quite considered doing this (writing a children's book) whilst washing my hair and shaving my hairy legs. It was an interesting concept.

For instance #2:
I've spent a good portion of my day pondering a little tidbit that Junk Miles (wow...2 days in a row...good one) brought to my attention. Deborah and Dexter got married? I am upset about this whole concept. I don't watch much TV. Not only do I live in a house in which the TV worth watching is ruled by a sports junkie, but I also don't find a lot of enjoyment in TV programs of today. My idea of 'fun' TV is inclusive of all home improvement shows on TLC, and the Showtime trifecta. Dexter, Weeds, Californication. The end.

Considering that I don't watch much TV, it makes it much easier for me to maintain my insanely juvenile theory that the TV shows I watch are real. I know, I know. It's not real. But to me, it's real. Thus, Deborah marrying Dexter is just wrong. I don't approve, and I feel like the producers should have taken an audience poll before allowing the marriage to take place. Selfish? Yes, very.

For instance #3:
I spent a good portion of my morning today sitting in a room filled with people who were at the courthouse getting hitched. No, I wasn't getting hitched. I was picking up my new Notary Public commission. I couldn't figure out why my Notary process would be in the same room as the "lets get hitched" process. Who organized this mess? I couldn't figure out why I had to wait on a wooden bench with a bunch of people who were getting married at the courthouse. I just wanted to get to work. The process took entirely too long, all because of the people getting hitched.

For instance #4:
I wore heels today. I have worn (wore?) heels 3 times this week. I haven't wore (worn?) heels 3 times in one week for approximately 2 years. Today, on the day when I wore heels for the third time this week, I also had to walk 3 blocks from my car to the courthouse, then from the courthouse to the administration building (to the wedding chapel). Today, I didn't bring a pair of back-up flats as I normally would so proactively do. Today, I have two blisters. One on each one of my baby toes. It's OK though, they compliment the huge soup-can-induced bruise on the top of my foot just fine.

For instance #5:
Why do people eat beef jerky?

For instance #6:
I want to live here. It's an Earthship. You can put it anywhere. The couple who used to run the yoga studio where I took an African Dance class (which is a story in itself) closed down their studio last month due to economic conditions. Apparently, nobody was going to yoga or getting massages. I still think that it was a location problem, but it doesn't matter. They didn't consult me before they set up shop. But they should have. Anyway, they closed the studio and decided to move to New Mexico to learn how to build Earthships. It all seemed like a very Earthy, hippy sort of thing to do. Months later, I remain jealous that I am mentally unable to be so "go with the flow-y". I often want to sell all of my worldly possessions and move far away. I'm just a chicken.

For instance #7:
Why can't I blog (or some other completely enjoyable and equally-satisfying thing) for a living?

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