Thoughtful Thursday

bkktwedding1 I love this picture of me and my bestie.  She was getting married, I was on the way to a divorce.  Oh, the irony!  I love this girl.

1) My personality is such that I am always (always) consumed by some persistent thought.  I'm slightly obsessive.  I'm one of those people who gets an idea in her large, melon-sized head, and I won't let it go until I have done either of the following:

a) failed, or b) succeeded.

The point: I have issues.

2) Today, I am consumed with the notion that someday I can have a garden of my very own, raise my own crops, and be a hippie.  I even briefly considered the implications of raising chickens (for eggs) in a metropolitan area.  The reality of this is that someday, in the distant future, I might have a collection of potted spices growing on my windowsill.  Because, although I have great intentions, I am far too scatter-brained to have a garden with living things in it.

3) Yesterday, during my 4 "death loops" in the park (almost a mile of constant hills), I encountered a walking chip-eater.  I was really puzzled by this image.  You're walking, but you're also eating chips?  Really?  It almost rivals the walking smoker.  You're walking, but you're smoking?  Really?  But why?

4) Yesterday, also during my death loops, I came to the conclusion that running is still running, even if it's slow, and even if you have to stop occasionally to catch your breath.  I was definitely running, because there were plenty of walkers, and none of them were sweating like I was or hacking up lungs and snotting on themselves.  So, running is running.  And running is not walking.

5) I'm having some issues with aging.  Specifically, the issues are with others around me becoming upset and paranoid about getting older and wrinkling, and then taking drastic measures to stop this process.  I'm not that old, and I didn't expect that my "group" would be having issues of this sort at such an early age.  I've done some serious soul-searching and tried to figure out where my extreme dislike for cosmetic surgery and "alternatives" to cosmetic surgery comes from.  This morning, as I was AGAIN thinking about this topic, I decided that it's because I think it's shammy.  And being untrue to oneself.  And denying the very person that we are.  And, it's not my issue.  It's theirs.  I don't judge them or love them less for having these things done, it just makes me feel sad about their self-esteem and makes me wish that I could take away that self-doubt.  Is anyone else going through this?

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