Thoughtful Thursday

Here we go. Your weekly dose of Thoughtful Thursday. Are you ready? Are you sure?

1) I would like to move to a different state between the months of November through March. Not because I hate the cold, or because I hate the ice or the snow. No, no. It is because I HATE the snow removal people in Maryland. I can say HATE so wholeheartedly because I don't personally know a snow removal person in Maryland. So, I am allowed to use that word. Just this once though. Yesterday, it took me an hour to get to work, which is 7 miles from my home. All because there was one retarded person who decided to ditch his car on the side of 95, thus causing every retarded Maryland driver to slow down to 5MPH so that they can see the retard who drove their car off the side of 95. Just drive, people! Nothing to see here.

In addition, I arrived to work at 8:30, and promptly fell on the thick sheet of ice that resided in the stairwell of the door to enter my office. Banged up my left hand as well as my left ass cheek. Thank goodness for thick ass cheeks to cushion falls of this sort!

2) Why is it that I can have a completely slow week at work all the way up until the very last day before I'm leaving on a 3-day weekend? Then, and only then, does all hell break loose. Satan himself stepped out of the bowels of hell today, handed me a $117K order that needed to be, yesterday, then poked me in my ice-bruised left ass cheek with his red hot pitchfork, and demanded that I align the heavens and the moon and the stars in order to get this demonic order fulfilled before month end. Month end meaning today, since I won't be present tomorrow.

3) Why do people ask me to work for free? Ok, so it's just one person, and its the owner of my company's friend. At one time, I offered to help, and I was paid for that small job. An ample, fair, project-based amount that said "client" decided to pay me. Over time, however, the payments have dwindled, the work has become more arduous, and now I'm just annoyed. And it's just stupid Excel crap. I want to tell said person to just stop being dumb. Last time I was requested by said "client", I took 3 hours out of my work day to go to their site and help out--with the owner of my company's permission. After 3 loooong hours, on my way out the door to come back to my real job, I was offered payment in the form of a salad. A salad?!

A salad??!!

For realz??!!

Now, I am sitting at my real desk with a pile of requests from the parasitic salad payer, and I'm becoming nauseous just looking at it.

4) The physical therapists office is one of the weirdest places on earth. It always reminds me of the old movies where wounded soldiers are lined up on gurneys in a big communal room together. We all lay there, and while we're being treated for various ailments, we share war stories. It makes me feel victorious afterward.

5) I'm leaving for Tennessee today, and I have decided that my JL Coupon Tutorial Part II video is just too cool for Youtube. Otherwise, Youtube wouldn't keep getting so choked up every time I attempt to post it. Right? I am going to have to re-film the dayum thing when I get home on Monday, in order to make it a little shorter. This makes me sad. Because know me well enough by now to know how much I love talking. Youtube just doesn't want to hear my mouth I guess.


I will try to post a few quick updates with my iPhoney while I'm visiting "America at Its Best."

Happy jogging to all!

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