Thoughtful Thursday

The day you've waited for all week is finally here! A chance to dive into my randomness yet again. Proceed with caution.

1) Yesterday I ordered $50 worth of Keurig K-Cups for our coffee maker at work. On the company's dime, of course. Have I mentioned the fact that I love single-serve coffee? I am pleased to be the primary coffee-orderer at work. This duty was, of course, self-appointed, because I felt like it was the only way that I was going to be able to have things called "Jet Fuel", and "Sumatran Extra Dark" in a land of "Oolong" and "Green Chai Tea" drinkers. Call me high maintenance if you will, but Oolong just doesn't do it for me at 8AM. More Jet Fuel please.

2) Today will be the first time that I have run 3 days in a row in approximately 4 years. I'm scared and excited all at the same time. It makes me want to run around and talk to everyone about my training plan. In fact, I DO try to talk to everyone about my training plan, but the sad truth is that nobody gives a rats ass about my training plan. Only you. That's why I need you. My life is void of fellow runners, and I need you in my life. Don't quit on me. My Gazelle cares, but it's just not the same. We share workout stories, but the man is a freak of nature with his 24:21 5K time, sans training. Sometimes, when he tells me that he just decided to "jump on the treadmill for a few minutes", and that he "ran 2 miles in 16 minutes", it makes me want to kick him in his scrawny calf and run away. But I know he'd catch and tackle me...he's clearly way faster than I am.

3) Although I technically started the Hal Higdon 1/2 training plan last week, I did not follow the schedule exactly due to travel and time conflicts. One of my runs last week was also fragmented due to time constraints, so I split it into 2 separate runs on the same day. I kind of feel like that's cheating. I didn't like that feeling that I had cheated on the plan last week. There's only 87 more training days until the race (Gasp)! This week is my first "real" week of training, because unlike last week, I have been following the plan exactly as outlined. I am not one to whine and complain, but whoa mama are my legs tired today. Not sore, just definitely tired. I am holding out for tonight's run though, and I'll see what gives after I've run the 3.5 miles required. I'm relieved that I've had no knee/leg/calf issues. I'm sort of marveling in the fact that the more I run, the better my leg feels. I was under the impression that this was supposed to happen the other way around.

4) I'm still going strong with the Sexy Six Pack Challenge, and the fact that I switched from the Men's Health Belly Off Plan to the 1984 8-minute Abs Plan still makes me chuckle from time to time. I'm telling you, that sheet is really difficult still though. I still have to stop at times to give my abs a break, and sometimes I go way slower than they do because my flabby flabs just can't keep up with the leotard-feathered hair professionals. So, I mentioned in my previous update that my waist at start was 31.5". Well, I had this old, crusty tape measure that I threw out upon measuring for the first time, with the intention of buying a new one. I bought a new one last weekend while in Tennessee. I measured my waist last night. My waist measured 33". So, there are about 2 weeks left of the challenge, and my waist has grown 1.5". I think this is hilarious because I know that one of the tape measures is obviously wrong, proven by the fact that last night My Gazelle announced (as I pranced through the living room scantily clad), "you just keep getting skinnier and skinnier". I would say that "skinny" is quite a stretch, but you get the gist. I would venture to say that I haven't lost any weight at all (but can't confirm that since I don't own a scale), but my clothes are feeling different...namely my bras and underwear are looser in all the right places. Hey...just keeping it real. More importantly, I know the 8-minute abs exercises are helping because my core is WAYYY stronger than before.

5) I'm still searching for a the right vacation. I was informed last night by My Gazelle that we can't take a vacation until the summer. This made me sad.

7) I am feeling pretty focused this week...but, I am fairly one-track-minded. I haven't got any work done, but I know more than I ever thought I would about plural marriage.

6) Speaking of plural evidenced by this post yesterday, I am preoccupied this week with FLDS, the Jessop family, plural marriage, and Carolyn Jessup's book "Escape". I have really spent too much time this week reading about this strange practice. There are so many current things going on with this topic that it has me completely sucked in. Damn Google. Damn you.

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