Thoughtful Thursday

My first thought when I typed "Thoughtful Thursday" was...

Holy crap! It's Thursday already?! And, that has basically been the theme for my whole week...

Holy crap! It's (insert day here) already??!!

I am completely off balance/out of alignment/non-focused this week from a mental standpoint. I mean...I'm not mental, per se. Just not all "there". I'm scatterbrained. Flaky. Blonde. Without being exactly blonde.

Sorry blondes.

That said, don't expect organization to magically occur in this post. Don't wait for it. It just won't ever arrive.

1) I wonder if the fact that I just ate an entire troth full of shrimp pad thai from Pei Wei is going to make me run fast like lightening tonight? My logical guess is a resounding "NNNNNOOOOO!", but a girl can dream. Shrimp pad thai is basically the bane of my existence. I crave the cilantro. The noodles. The peanutty spicy goodness. I'm pretty sure that if someone set another troth of shrimp pad thai in front of me right now, I'd eat that one too. All of it. With no regard for how slow it'd make me run tonight. Now that's devotion. To the pad thai, and to my running schedule.

You know what this is? This, loved ones, is a registration confirmation which clearly states, "there is no backing out now, candyass!" Oh, you don't see it there? It's definitely right there in bold font...maybe you just can't see it because it's written in a font that can only be viewed by candyasses like myself. So, consider yourself lucky that you can't read it.

This is my official registration for the Maryland Double, which means that I am really and truly going to run two 1/2 marathons this year. In the same calendar year. Within mere months of each other. I've only ran 3 5K's in my life. The pure logistics of pulling this off still sometimes boggles my mind, but I'm really doin it. The novelty will wear off. I'll stop marveling in it. Just be patient with me. I need some time. Love me anyway, ok?

3) Proof that I can actually pull this off is in the fact that I'm 3.5 weeks into training, and I feel awesome. I had to shift my run schedule because last night I got locked out of my house (long story), but I'll make it up by running tonight and tomorrow (my normal full rest day is Friday). So, Tuesday I did a 4.5 mile awesome, SUPER, fabulous run on the treadmill at 10:16 average pace. WHAT? Did I just say 10:16 aahhhvvverage pace? Yes, yes. 10:16 average pace. I was totally kicking ass. I did the P:I week 3 run again, and totally crushed it. My legs were sore from the strength crap that I did on Monday, but I ran through it and everything was fine. I'm actually kind of glad that I switched up my runs this week because I had an extra day to recover from that run on Tuesday. Tonight I'll run 4, tomorrow just 2, then Sunday is my long run of 7. This week I will actually do copping out this time like last week. Candyass.

4) I am going to get a Garmin. I said it. I'm still a jogger though. Don't be fooled by the Garmin. I'm just afraid that if I get the Polar, I'll wish that I got a Garmin down the road at some point, and then I'll have to buy a Garmin too. Then I'll have this random Polar running watch laying around the house...taking up $125 worth of space on my dresser...getting knocked on the floor when I vacuum, then taking up $125 worth of space on the floor behind the dresser. Lost. Never to be found again (because WHO ever cleans behind dressers anyway?). So, rather than buy the Polar and then doom it to a lifetime of existence behind my dresser, living in filth, I'm going to kindly request a Garmin from My Gazelle for my birthday. I love him.

5) I love him for so many reasons, but he brought me breakfast this morning at work. And, not only was it breakfast, but it was an everything bagel from Panera. And, it had sausage, egg, and cheese. I mean seriously...despite the fact that it's horrible for my arteries, and could possibly take up permanent residence on my round, perfectly-shaped (cough, cough) ass, is this NOT the sweetest gesture ever? To show my appreciation, and only to show my appreciation, I completely schmarfed the entire thing in about 2 seconds flat. I think he got the idea. I appreciated.

6) Speaking of schmarfing. I am SO schmarfing hungry lately! I can only guess that it's because of the increase in my mileage, but holy schmarfing schmarfing! In the midst of my increased state of schmarfing, I've been reading about My Other Gazelle being completely schmarfing hungry lately as well, and I know that she is also running more. It seems to be a theme around bloggville lately. I guess everyone is training more for race season, and thus schmarfing more. Hopefully I will still be able to fit into my schmarfing SkirtSports Skirt come race day!

7) Our condo is being painted. I love the idea of fresh paint. I don't, however, love the idea of being locked out of my condo because I gave the painter the key and he doesn't understand English, so he took my key home, and My Gazelle is policing and can't conveniently meet me to give me a key. Picture it: Me, my 2 poor, helpless, rescued pups, and my iPhoney, traipsing around the DC area in My Gazelle's pickup, trying to gain access to our home. We were homeless. Temporarily of course. But homeless just the same.

The only thing worse than being homeless was finally gaining entry to our home and realizing that the painter hadn't left any windows open. I opened the door to "my condo just got painted, how beeeeaaaautiful", so the reality of "oh my GAWD, my poor bird's eyes are completely glazed over" was a bit of a buzz-kill. My $900 (not-rescued, but equally-as-loved) parrot was wallowing in paint fumes for 5 hours. I half expected to visit the birdy-vet last night. It made me sad. I immediately opened every window in the house, turned on every fan, and began refreshing my memory on the techniques of birdy CPR. I couldn't recall having learned any. I almost started to dial 9-1-1, but then the freakish look in her eyes subsided, and she started talking to me again. Crisis averted. All she needed was a little fresh air. I'm glad the painting is over.

8) I know that the answer is "no", but I'm asking it anyway. Does Diet Dr. Pepper = hydration? I wish it did. Because I'd be really hydrated right now.

9) Happy Thursday! Love you!

p.s...I'll check in later with a report on how fast the pad thai made (or didn't make) me.

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