Thoughtful Thursday!

So, after a very long hiatus, I'm back with a new installment of Thoughtful Thursday. I know that you've missed it. I'm sorry I was a slacker. End of year and tax season does that to me. I felt inclined to blow off some scatterbrainish steam this afternoon, and I just can't think of a better way to do it. Please be warned that it will be predominately food-related because I am completely preoccupied with all things food this week. I don't know. Maybe I'm always preoccupied with food. Have I ever mentioned that I love food?

Yeah, well just in case you wondered. I love food.

1) So, if were a bug, I'd want to be a damselfly. I don't really know why. The name just sounds very ladylike to me. I mean, in a strictly bug-like sense of "lady", naturally.

2) Running is fun and all, but I would really like to have a night to just play with my food dehydrator.

3) Did I tell you that I found a VitaMix blender on eBay that was listed at $225 or best offer? Yeah, so it's a blender that was used at a smoothie shop in my old stomping grounds--Syracuse, NY. Too bad the smoothie shop closed. Smoothies are good. Every town needs a smoothie shop. So I offered the failed smoothie shop $175 plus $25 shipping for the used VitaMix. They took it. Suckers.

4) I've decided to make it my mission to perfect the uncooked Fauxstess Orange Cupcake. Complete with an uncooked version of the original heinous glaze. These little beauties were one of my favorite snack attack props back in the fat days. Man, I loved me some Hostess Orange Cupcakes.


5) I wonder if I can create a dehydrated version of the Lifesaver Swirl Pop. Whoa man. I loved me some of those too.


6) See, the funny thing about candy is that once you stop really eating it, you don't really want it. Maybe they put crack in candy. Is that legal? This is not to be confused with Crack nuts. Which is really a real thing. And it's legal. As far as I know anyway. But the word things are in Spanish. So maybe it's not legal, and I just can't tell. I mean, I doubt it though. I don't think that "nuevos" means "illegal" in Spanish. But that's just a guess.


7) Did you really think that I don't know what "nuevos" means in Spanish? Wait. What does "nuevos" mean?

8) I'm thinking about driving to New York City just so that I can eat at their raw food restaurants. Apparently, there are like 100 there. Until I'm ready for a road trip, however, I'll settle for Liquid Earth in Baltimore. Jen and I plan to go there as soon as our schedules permit. I'm thinking next weekend would be a good time.

8) Why must it always be windy on running days?

9) This Sunday marks the second meeting of the Cross Fox Brunch Bunch (CFBB). This time, I'll take pictures. But what the hell am I going to make?!

Was that all random enough for you? I certainly hope so.


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