Thoughtful Thursday Friday!

I knew yesterday was Thursday, so it's not like I forgot to write my traditional Thoughtful Thursday post. I was mostly just bucking the system because I really wanted to do an actual post about my food log. So, hopefully I didn't cause anyone to have a seizure.

We'll just pretend that today is yesterday.



1) I lovingly packed my gym bag this morning with the intention that I would hit the gym at lunch for the "strength" portion of my workout today. I have to run 4.5 miles as well, but if I get the "strength" portion out of the way at lunch, then I'll have more time to hang out with My Gazelle tonight. You know, he has that crazy po po schedule, so I actually have him for the entire weekend after 3 months of the schedule from hell.

So, I packed my gym bag. Then, I conveniently walked out of the door without it. Of course.

I sent My Gazelle a text message with the sole purpose of just letting him know what a doodad I am for forgetting it. Then, I received a message back from him, letting me know that he was already on his way to my office to drop it off.

And then my heart exploded.

2) Speaking of My Gazelle. Last night, he received his yellow belt in Street Combat. He is on target to receive his black belt in 2 years, and he is so excited about that! In the short time that he has been involved with this class, I've seen an incredible change in him. He is more confident in himself, has become much more dedicated and focused, and he truly believes in himself. Not to mention, he is completely ripped. This is such a bonus. I mean, he works out, so he's always had an awesome body, but now he's stepped it up a few more notches.

Last night, during his belt ceremony, it also occurred to me that he looks totally hot when he kicks inanimate objects. Grrrrr!

3) Flip-flopping my schedule again this week. Tonight I'll do last night's 4.5 mile run, take tomorrow off, and then do my long Sunday run as planned. Hopefully I'll make it through my long Sunday run as planned.

4) Despite the fact that I am an incredibly impatient little jogger, I am (trying to) patiently wait for my Garmin to arrive as a birthday gift. You mean I have to wait until April??!! I want a Garmin so badly now that it consumes my thoughts sometimes. Like right now. Why? Well...this morning, during my standard morning "catch up on the bloggies that updated while I wasn't online" drill, I read Sweet Victory's most recent post about the fact that now you can seamlessly import your Garmin info to runningAHEAD. For reals??!! That makes me excited, impatient, and crazy. All at the same time.

5) Last night, while at the belt ceremony, the owners of the school (The Bam's) brought their 2 year old son on the floor to do his demonstration. I wanted to eat this little boy up. His name was Mosiah, and he was adorable. He clearly had the skill of a 2 year old, but I was so impressed by his ability to listen and pay attention at such a young age. He sat during the entire ceremony with very little trouble whatsoever. I decided last night that my children (as imaginary as they may be at the moment) will be involved in martial arts.

Sidebar: Little Mosiah earned a yellow belt, just like My Gazelle. It makes me want to laugh a little.

6) I think I'm coming down with a cold. I've been drinking Airborne like it's my job.

7) I had every intention of posting the next JL Coupon Tutorial tonight. Problem is that now I've lost my memory card reader, and....wait for had my memory card in it! Isn't that awesome? I was so happy to find that out last night when I grabbed my camera for the belt ceremony, but found that it had no memory card in it. I searched high and low, but cannot find the card reader, which contains the magical memory card. I am the type of person who often "loses" things, and since I'm impatient (see above), I immediately go out and buy a new version of whatever it is that I lost. Then like a week later, the original pops up, and then I have 2. So. True to form, I will buy a new memory card and reader tonight after work. Before my run.

8) The above-mentioned JL Coupon Tutorial needs to happen soon. The reason why? of tomorrow, I will officially be hoarding 3 copies of The Washington Post for the past 3 weekends. That's 9 papers. That's a whole buncha coupons. However, all of those hoarded coupons will make it much easier for me to load the binders for the 3 winners of my JL Coupon Binder Giveaway! This giveaway is still going on until March 1, by the way. Enter now if you haven't already! So far, there are only 18 entries, so the chances of winning a binder are great!

9) Someone called me the "Crazy Giveaway Lady" last week. I'm perfectly fine with that title. It's not really too far from the truth. In fact, the only way that it could really be any more true would be to add a "Jogging" after the "Crazy". "Crazy Jogging Giveaway Lady". Has a certain ring to it.

10) Yesterday, The Crazy Jogging Giveaway Lady received prop #1 in the iFitness =or= SpiBELT giveaway. I should receive prop #2 today, as it has already shipped out. I am planning to try out prop #1 this weekend, and will send the lucky winner prop #2 as soon as it is received. Don't forget that you can still enter this giveaway too! I'm The Crazy Jogging Giveaway Lady. And don't you forget it.

Ok, peace out! Hope you're having an awesome Friday!

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