Thoughtful Thursday Wednesday

It's Wednesday, so it's not Thoughtful Thursday.  But I have something much more fun planned for tomorrow, so I'm deeming today "Thoughtful Thursday".  Hopefully you'll forgive me. And so, here is a small selection of the mess that is in my mind right now.

1) Ice baths are good.  Last night, after a brick-shoed 4 miles, I decided that the only solution for my lead legs was to sit in a tub of ice water for 15 minutes.  I've tried this before, but it never works out.  I'm sort of a wussy.  This time, I was way smarter.  I filled the tub with cold water, immersed my body into the cold water, became assimilated.  After 5 minutes, I then poured in the bucket of ice.  I was able to stand it for 10 more minutes, and even applied the actual ice to my shoulders and back.  Much more manageable.

2) My 1/2 marathon is in 3 days.  Shit.

3) I can't seem to stop staring out my office window at this huge caterpilar cocoon residing in a tree.  It's disgusting, and I can only think of the fate of the poor tree.  Aw.  Poor tree.

4) 3 days.

5) This weekend, I'm going to try my had at making some raw Golden Tortilla Chips, recipe courtesy of Matthew Kenney, who is apparently one of the Gods of raw foodism.  I was going to make them last night, but I stopped at MOM's and bought a bag of regular old organic nacho cheese chippies, then proceeded to eat like half of the bag before my run.  So, I thought better of filling my house with even more tortilla chips.  Raw or not...I just don't trust tortilla chips right now.

6) It's possible that the 1/2 bag of pre-run tortilla chips contributed to my lead feet during the run, but it's a lock that they were the reason why I kept almost barfing up nacho tortilla chips.  The puke threshhold was not far off.  It's never a good time when children are riding bikes through the park and I'm gagging as I run by.

7) And what don't people understand about the words "ON YOUR LEFT!"?  Seriously...does that make sense to you?  Because it makes sense to me!  This is my standard "get the F&CK out of my way" expression as I'm running.  Sometimes, people ignore me.  Other times, they dance around and do a little jig, then run directly into me.  I don't get it.  If someone is behind me, and they say "ON YOUR LEFT!", I will move to my right.  Isn't that the standard move?  Do people really not know the difference between left and right?  Because that really worries me if that is the case.

7a) I dunno.  I can't explain it.  I just like this picture.


8 ) In the same vein...why do people allow their newly-walking babies to run out in front of me while I'm running?  Do you want your child to be trampled upon by a lady with BRICKS FOR FEET?

9) As long as I'm on a roll here...why do people let their DOGS run out in front of me?  Last night, this guy was running towards me with a small puppy on a really long leash.  Like really long.  It wasn't one of the retractable jobbys, and the guy was just letting the leash chill...all 55 feet of it.  I passed this guy 3 times, and each time, he let the puppy charge at me.  He didn't correct the puppy or rein in any of the 55 feet of leash.  He apparently thought it'd be a good idea to just make me have to hop, skip, and jump over the mutt so that I didn't crush him with my LEAD FEET.

10) Have I ever mentioned that two of my biggest pet peeves are as follows: a) annoying, unresponsive, self-centered parents, and b) annoying, unresponsive, self-centered dog owners.

But I love you.


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