Ulimana Giveaway WINNER!


Hi everyone, Nikko here.

My Mom has sore feet, so she wanted me to announce the winner of her Ulimana Giveaway.

Really, I think she's just mad at me for trying to bite my Grandma yesterday during Mother's Day dinner.  This must be my punishment.  It's really difficult typing with no opposable thumbs, ya know?

I can't count, but my Mom says that there were 11 people who entered, and three people got two entries each (for linking back on their blog), so the total was 14 entries.

1 & 2. RTF: 2 entries 3. Tonja: 1 entry 4. ikkinlala: 1 entry 5. Sarah: 1 entry 6. Carolyn G: 1 entry 7 & 8. Melissa: 2 entries 9. Lora: 1 entry 10. revsskie: 1 entry 11. Mimi: 1 entry 12 & 13. Naddez: 2 entries 14. Carolsue: 1 entry

My mom says that this is the winning number.  I don't know if she's right or not.  I'm just being obedient.  Because she's mad at me right now.


So, congratulations to #10: revsskie!  You have to email my mom your name and address to joggerslife@gmail.com so she can send you your treats.


Did someone say treat?!

I hope they're lamb flavored.

Just don't bite anyone, my mom doesn't like that.




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