Updates and Random Venting

The fun never ends! I'm in the middle of a CPA financial review. I have been putting off an impending accounts receivable review by an independent auditor (on behalf of a bank). I fired my assistant on Friday. My pregnant purchasing manager has been on bed rest for 3 weeks, and hasn't had a baby yet. My inbox is almost 8" high, with no end in sight.

In addition, I seem to continuously be dealing with people who possess 3 copies of the same chromosome. Of the 21st variety.

Why must I repeat myself 459,281 times?

Why must I continuously point you to the document that I sent to you 218,098 times already, but you still insist you don't have?

Can someone else please pile another brick on my shoulders?

That said, my training has been going really great! I woke up early yesterday as planned and ran faster than planned. This morning, I opted for the extra 1.5 hours of sleep, since I had a terrible headache last night, and I'll run tonight. I'll need the reprise after the day that I've already had.

On the other hand, my eating has been completely out of whack. Meat passed my lips by way of Chef Boyardee ravioli on Sunday night (which is probably not even actual meat anyway). Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been the key to my existence. Today for lunch, I have a combination of buttered noodles, white rice, steamed green beans and corn. If that's not the portrait of a healthy lunch, I don't know what is.


I'm not really sweating it. I know that it's temporary, and I'm just going with the flow.

At times like these, rather than doing work to reduce my stress level, I look at old pictures. They make me smile.

This is me and my niece on vacation last July. It was basically the funnest vacation ever. Yes, I know that's not a word.

beth n madds booth


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