Vegan Cuppycakes...How I Love Thee.

cover I'll admit that vegan cupcakes had me skeptical.

Cupcakes without eggs?

Pfffttt!  It'll never work!

I was so wrong.


I love marble cake.  Marble cupcakes.  Marble fudge.  Chocolate/vanilla softserve ("twist" as we call it in good old CNY).  I'm not incredibly fond of chocolate, but if you put vanilla together with chocolate, I'm all over it.

This recipe was perfect for me.

In the recipe, it actually states that pouring the chocolate and vanilla simultaneously into the cupcake tin is tricky for the hand/eye UNcoordinated.  I thought I would have no problem.  I was again, sadly mistaken.  It was really difficult, but I managed.


They were a little messy, but it was ok.  After this, I swirled the batter around with a toothpick.  Next time, I'll use a knife for an even more swirly affect.


The recipe recommended baking for 25-27 minutes in a 350 degree oven.  Since I was too lazy to take out my pizza stone, mine didn't take as long, so they were finished in 20 minutes.  I didn't take a picture of them straight out of the oven, but they were lovely.

But, here they are with a layer of fluffy vegan buttercream piped on.  I love how it looks like marshmallow!


Mmmmm.  Cupcakes.


Last week, I made my first recipe from the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World cookbook (me and cupcakes have been getting along well lately), and as a result, I had about a cup of leftover vegan chocolate ganache.  Since I don't let anything go to waste these days (thank you, Sarah), I put the leftover ganache to good use.


Oh, heavenly cupcakes.


So, I know you're wondering if they dry, mushy, or fall-apart-y due to having no egg in the recipe.




Definitely not.

I mean, I tried this one first just to make sure.

Then I had another so that I was absolutely sure that the first one wasn't an anomoly.  They're definitely all moist, delicious, and totally vegan.  And the buttercream.  I'm not even going to talk about the buttercream.  I would be here all day.


Vegan cupcakes might just take over the world.


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