Warning: If you are Adverse to People with Blue Faces, Do Not Read

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am silly. This post might be your first dose of my true silliness. If you don't like it, then please go away.

Because I'm fun, and that's all there is to it.

Ya see...my mayn (say it..."MAY-N") works funky hours. I have a lot of free time on my hands on nights like these. I have to fill this free time with silliness. That's just how I roll.

The root of my silliness tonight lies in the fact that running causes my sensitive skin to revolt. I run, I sweat, I wipe the sweat, I sweat more, repeat. All of this repetitive sweating and wiping causes me to have dry patches on my face, and also makes me break out like crazy. I have always had nice, pimple-free skin, so I know that sweating is the culprit.

I thought that I found a solution in the Lancome skincare line. I spent about $150 for 4 steps of skincare, and it worked for a while. Now it's not working anymore. It was time to search for something new.

I did a little online research, and decided to try the H2O+ Skincare Line. The reviews on Amazon seemed positive, and the price sounded reasonable, so I stopped by one of my favorite places in the whole universe today (which happens to be directly across the street from my job), Ulta Beauty, and picked up a little set of H2O products.


The set included a slightly-smaller-than-normal version of Marine Cleansing Gel, Marine Toner, Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment, and a Sea Mineral Mud Mask.

Tonight, I had a fabulous 5 mile run outside...out and back to the lake with one loop around the lake. It started to get dark outside, and I got a little squirly about the fact that I was running outdoors after dark in the "city". Soon, I was almost home and I didn't care. I just ran. It was pure heaven.

But I sweated.

And wiped.

And sweated.

And wiped.

By the time that I got home, my skin was actually stinging from the marinating sweat. This is how sensitive my skin is...I'm like allergic to my own freaking sweat.

So, I figured that the point at which my skin was melting off of my face would be a fantastic time to try my new H2O line! Woo!

I started with step #1, the Marine Cleansing Gel.


It smelled like the hand wipes in the square packages that came in my little brother's Happy Meal at McDonald's. You know, that slightly medicinal lemon scent? It was a little strange, but not offensive. Despite the questionable smell, I squirted about a nickle-sized portion of the concoction into my hand. I was a little surprised by the gelatanous texture. It sort of looked like the stuff that you put into plants so that you don't have to water them ever again. With little bead thingies in it. It was weird, but I tried it anyway.

I applied the cleanser to my face, and worked it into a later. I was actually surprised when what started as a gelatenous mess actually made bubbles. It was a nice surprise. Then I rinsed the bubbles off, patted dry, and my face felt very soft and clean.

Next, I moved on to step #2, the Marine Toner.


This was a pretty standard "toner" step that comes in most 3 step skincare systems that I've used. You squirt the liquid onto a cotton ball, and just swipe it across your face. It didn't smell like anything, which was good in my opinion. Generally, if there is a strong scent, it will irritate my skin. There was a certain amount of stinging involved...but not more than the melty-face feeling that I had prior to washing my face.

Since this was my first time using the system, and because I haven't exfoliated or masked in some time, and...well...because I was bored, I decided to use the Sea Mineral Mud Mask tonight as well.


This is where the fun always begins for me. I luhhhhhve face masks. I've tried green ones, orange ones, brown ones, clear ones. Never, ever in my entire life, have I seen or tried a blue one. Until now. And holy cow...it was almost more fun that my little brain could handle!


It was BLUE! Really...Really...BLUE!


And FUN!


Luckily, it took me 5-10 minutes to take all of those pictures (as well as about 587 others that I threw in the trash), and by the time I was finished, the mask was dry and ready to be washed off. The mask washed off very easily, which was nice considering that some masks I've used in the past needed to be removed with a chisel and hammer.

After I rinsed the blue goo off and patted dry, my skin felt so nice...soothed...calm...not melty at all!


After all of the blue goo fun was over, I finished up with the Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment.


And my skin felt rejuvinated, hydrated, and fabulous!

My conclusion about H2O is that as long as it doesn't cause me to wake up tomorrow morning with a face full of blotches or full-fledged pimples, then we are officially in love.


I mean seriously...the blue goo kept me entertained for like at least an hour tonight, and that's important these days!

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