Week 4: Utter Laziness

So, week 4 of my training plan began on Monday. On Monday, it was raining.  Monday was Memorial Day.  On Monday, I decided it was a better idea to plant my ass on the sofa and alternate between the "Intervention" and "Jon and Kate + 8" marathons.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Yesterday, rather than my scheduled 4 miles, I thought it was a better idea to run 2.2 miles at lunch, and then proceed to plant my ass on the sofa again for 4 hours straight.  While eating pizza for dinner.

I'm tired and lazy, and I'm hoping that this feeling passes soon.

Initially, the laziness was brought on by an absolutely torturous 8 mile journey through Loserville on Sunday.  I had great intentions of making my 8 miles really fun and great.  Unfortunately, my body had other plans.  As soon as I hit the 1 mile mark, I wanted to turn around.  This is never a good sign.

The 8 miles was supposed to be a 4 mile out and back, but it quickly became a 2.5 mile out and back plus 3-one mile loops within walking distance of my  car.

In case I felt the need to walk to my car and die at some point during the last 3 miles.  And, I was fairly certain that I would die during those last 3 miles.

The reason?

Because I was not prepared.  I had barely drank 2 bottles of water during the 24 hours preceding my Sunday run, and dehydration does not make for a very good running partner.  It was also about 8,573 degrees and humid at 8:00AM.  I felt like total ass.

At one point, I ran around the perimeter of an elementary school searching for a water fountain.  People were staring at me like I was a sideshow act.  I'm sure I looked pretty desperate at that point.  They really should put fountains around the perimeter of elementary schools.  Unfortunately, by the time that I actually located water, I was almost dead.

I also forgot my Shot Bloks.

...A mess.

After my run, I was relieved to have finished, but pretty disappointed in myself for my performance.  In the hours that followed, I came down with another one of my famous post-long-run dehydration-induced migraines.  In addition, I also came down with a face full of tiny little pimples, as often happens after my long runs as well.

...A hot mess.

However, I discovered on Monday morning that Benadryl cream takes care of my facial mess.  I have joked in the past about being allergic to my own sweat, but now I'm thinking that it could actually be true.  Strange, no?

My skin is lovely and clear today.

My mind is fairly clear.

I'm drinking water.

I have a hill workout tonight, and I'm going to try to really make it count.



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