Weekly Sweat-O-Rama Update

As I sit here, whilst sipping my 32 ounces of green deliciousness, I'm reflecting. Reflecting on the past 5 weeks of training.

Reflecting on how far I've come, yet how much farther I have yet to go.

Reflecting on how much easier it is to climb some hills, yet how hard it still is to climb others.

I'm wondering if there will come a point where I'll ever breeze through one of my long hill runs, or if they'll continue to be a struggle for the next 5 weeks.

The burning question of the day is this: does this shit ever get any easier, or will it always be so damn hard?

My past week of training was mostly good. I didn't skip any workouts, and I didn't want to kill myself at any point. These are both good things. I did, however, have a really sucky run on Tuesday which included completing only 2 of my scheduled 4 miles. I ditched the treadmill at 2 miles and rode the Expresso bike for a hilly ass 13.2 miles. That was probably a little crucial for a "4 mile easy run" day, but what the hell.

It did, however, slow Wednesday's tempo run down quite a bit. Like, my tempo run was slower than my long runs usually are. Live and learn. No more 13 mile bikes on the day before my tempo run.

Yesterday's long Sunday run was perfect for the first 4 miles. I felt strong, light on my feet; great. The last 3 miles, however, I ran at my puke threshold, even though I was going about a minute slower per mile than my normal long-run pace. Again, poor planning. I didn't get out for my run until 4PM, and it was about 85 degrees out. I still haven't ordered that Fuel Belt.

I need to order that Fuel Belt.

This week is much like last week, with the exception of Wednesday being a hill day instead of a tempo day. Sunday will be 8 miles of pure delight for my long run, and then next week is a step-back week again.

I can't believe that I'm 1/2 way to race day!

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