What NOT to Save to Your Desktop

Every girl dreams of her future wedding. It's an undeniable fact.

When a woman finds a man that she can see herself with for the rest of her life, those dreams grow bigger, and they get closer to the surface.

When a woman is 31 years old, has hopes and dreams to one day be a mommy, AND has found a man that she can't imagine her life without, the dreams sometimes wake her up from a dreamy sleep. They bang on her doors. They scream and yell and make unreasonable demands of her.

They make her download pictures of the "perfect ring" to her desktop for any random passerby to peruse.

You know.

Random passersby like the man that she can't imagine her life without.


"Whoaaaa...what is that?"

"What? Huh? Ohhhhhh.....CRAP!!!!!"

Note to self:

Do not download those things to the desktop. Put them in their own separate folder. Label the folder "How to Do Laundry".

He'll never look there.

P.s...Is that the most wonderfully perfect ring or what??!!

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