(What the Heck are in) THOSE Cookies?

I am very happy to announce that My Gazelle and I will be attending the Healthy Living Summit on August 14 & 15 in Boston!  I just registered both of us, and I am boosted about going on a healthy road trip!  I like the idea that this is a small (125 peeps) group, and that many attendees will be people whose bloggies I read. I'm not sure how My Gazelle is going to feel about being surrounded by bloggers all weekend (predominantly of the female variety, most likely), but I'm sure he'll roll with it.  He's a "go with the flow" kind of guy.

In other news...

My boss pissed me off again today.  You know.  Almost exactly the same thing that he did almost exactly a week ago.

The solution?

I came home and baked these cookies while watching Bridget Jones' Diary.


Did you know that I bought a new camera?  Yep, and I love it already.  I sold my old camera on eBay last week, and bought this Olympus Evolt E-500 DSLR used.  I ended up paying $20 for it after selling my Canon PowerShot SX10IS.

Now that's a price I can live with.

My first DLSR.  Now I really feel like a big girl.

I'm excited.

I regress...

THOSE Cookies.  Right.


Oh, THOSE cookies.

Do you see the cute little chia seeds?

And the oat nuggets?

And the carob, chocolate, and raisins?!

I must be honest.  I didn't expect these cookies to turn out as beautifully as they did.  I was pissed off and baking, and that doesn't always equal success.  However, I chose to throw together many ingredients that apparently meshed well together because OH. MY. GOODNESS.  THESE cookies are so good!

They are moist, delicious, and have a crunchy exterior and soft interior.  Just the way I like it.

I also stuck 5 of them into Cali, so I'll let you know how those turn out tomorrow.

For now, just make these cookies.  And don't be afraid to throw in whatever you want to use.  I think that as long as you keep the wet/dry ratios consistent, you can use any old nuts/nut butter/flour/sweetener that you have on hand.  Go crazy.

Click here for the printable recipe!


Go forth and make  cookies!

Don't forget to enter my Bodylastics Giveaway!  You have until tomorrow!


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