Who, Me...Orthotics? YES WAY!!!

This morning, I picked up my custom orthotics. At lunch, I shall try them out for the first time.

And I am excited.

Yes, excited.

What a difference 3 weeks, and 2 laps around the PT track can do, no?

When Liz took them out of the package, I was still in denial. I still hated them. In fact, prior to stuffing them into my Mizunos, I was horrified by the very sight of them.


Ugh. Gross!



Yes, yes. They're bright blue, and they're thick as I don't know what. I wanted to throw them on the ground and stomp on them because they were so ugly and...ugly. And orthotic-y. I had 3 weeks to build up this frighteningly unhealthy, extreme hatred for my poor orthotics.

Then I stuffed the ugly things in my runners. Crammed my wide, (baby) bunion-infested foot into my Mizuno. Tied the laces.

And then, the heavens parted.

I saw Jesus himself.

And he was wearing orthotics too.

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