Wii Fit Activity & Progress Tracker Spreadsheet

It has come to my attention recently, through Google Analytics, that people are happening across my blog through many different types of keywords. Here are three of my favorites, in no particular order:

1) (HA! Ain't THAT the truth!)

2) (which is a completely reasonable way to search for me by name)...

3) My own personal favorite: Wooo! How I love to be queried (and found) by searching for "sexy". That is so fun.

In any case, I also noticed that a startling number of people are finding me by plugging in different versions of this phrase:

This led me to do an impromptu search on Google, and I was quite startled to find that there is no source for a Wii Fit Spreadsheet. Or if there is, it is somewhere beyond the realm of my querying abilities and I didn't find it. Thus, I would imagine that most of the rest of the thinking universe also can't find it.

And so, for you, Wii Fit Peeps who are floundering around with no Wii Fit spreadsheet in which to store all of your Wii Fit activities and progress, I give you this beautiful spreadsheet, which I lovingly created with my own two hands, a Macintosh, and my brain. And love.

Because, WiiFit Spreadsheet Needers, I feel your plight.

Also. To all of my non-WiiFit peeps, you can very easily use this spreadsheet to track your daily activity on a strictly non-WiiFit level. For those of you who track your weight, measurements, and BMI, this is perfect for you. Just make sure to read the "Notes" tab prior to using the sheet, it might not work right. It's very simple, but it is quite a handy-dandy little spreadsheet.

But I realize that I'm biased. Because I made it.

But I hope you like it anyway!

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