Become A Part of 'No Excuses Tuesday'

If you missed yesterday's No Excuses Tuesday post, you really should check it out.  Go ahead, I'll wait...

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In case you don't know what 'No Excuses Tuesday' is (which I wouldn't expect you to, since I just made it up like 4.5 seconds ago), I'm going to start devoting my post every Tuesday to another fellow blogger who didn't/doesn't let excuses get in the way of their own personal progress.  This could include anyone who overcomes any type of challenge in order to meet their goals; whether personal, fitness, or career-related.

If you'd like to be featured on 'No Excuses Tuesday', or if you want to nominate someone who you think should be featured, please contact me.  p.s...There could be prizes involved!

Although I've set the bar very high by featuring Jen on the first 'No Excuses Tuesday' post, I know that there are many other bloggers out there whose stories can motivate and push us all to the next level.

So, start thinking of who you'd like to see up here on JL for the next 'No Excuses Tuesday'!

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