Book Your Honeymoon

Considering my most recent life events, including my sad failed pregnancy, and my extremely happy wedding (!!), there hasn't been much blogging going on in my world lately.  Although I think about the blog constantly, I just can't pull my thoughts together enough to come up with anything coherent or meaningful to write.  Unlike some bloggers, I refuse to just slap up pictures of my meals and call it entertaining.  It's not.  So I don't. Last night, I made turkey tacos in honor of My Gazelle's birthday, and we had cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for dessert.  In hindsight, I wish that I had taken pictures, but alas...I'm too busy living, and possibly even just too lazy to dig out my camera.

I also won't be blogging next week, because I'll be here...

Drinking far too many of these...

With my husband.

My gorgeous, sexy husband with whom "married" activities are currently prohibited.  Prohibited.  Doesn't that word make you want to do the involved activity even more?  Me too.

Anyone who has had a previous ectopic pregnancy will understand.  Those of you who haven't experienced this, my hCG (pregnancy hormone) level is hanging out in the 100's at the moment, and it needs to be at ZERO before fun can be had by all.  ZERO.  I've never wanted to score ZERO in my entire life until now.

It's been kind of a buzzkill on the whole wedding/honeymoon thing, but I welcome any opportunity to take a tropical vacation at this juncture.  Not only due to the fact that we need to unwind after the past two months, but also because I have never been on a tropical vacation of any sort!

And so it goes, I will enjoy a honeymoon filled with reading.  Lots and lots of reading.




I love reading and all, but...I'd rather be at ZERO.


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