Disney Princess 1/2: Almost Here!

This is my first stint at blogging from my phone, so forgive me if it comes out all wonky... I just miss blogging, and wanted to fill you in on the latest happenings!

We've (me, My Sista, My Niece, My Almost Brother-in-Law, and My Gazelle) been here since Wednesday. The weather was chilly up until today. I'm happy to report that after much complaining about being cold for 2.5 days, I spent 4 hours lounging poolside today.


...after I got up at the buttcrack of dawn today with My Gazelle...

...so that he could finish a 5K in 21 minutes.

Twenty-one minutes.

p.s...I sincerely hope that our kids get his fast legs rather than my 'made for turtles' version.

Hit the race expo yesterday because My Sista is adverse to anything "crowdy".

Sadly, that meant that I missed all of the cool blog kids because they went to the expo today! Oh well, maybe I'll have a blog-star moment tomorrow!

Hopefully you are able to see the photo recap of the past few days...if not, I'll fill you in completely when I get home. I'll have plenty of time to tell you about how I thoroughly pissed off Mulan.

Tomorrow is the race! It begins at 6AM, and here is a link to the website where you can keep an eye on me: http://live.activeresult.com/msg/MSG-signup.tcl?event_id=50

My bib number is 3073.

I hope I'm fast, but I'm not betting on it.

p.s.s...the food here I really expensive, so I'm glad I packed these.


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