FitBloggin 5K

As you may or may not have already read, I'm going to the FitBloggin' 2010 conference.  I'm pretty boosted about this because:

  • I didn't have a very good time at the Healthy Living Summit (due to many factors), and I'd like to give the whole "healthy blogging conference" thing another whirl.
  • I'll basically take any free pass I can get to blabber about health and fitness for an entire weekend.
  • It's taking place less than 15 miles from my home (hello, convenient).
  • MizFit is going, as well as several other really cool bloggers that I'd like to know (yes, I'm stalking all of your blogs.  Let's chat in real life so I can feel less creepy!)
  • It will give me a reason to do some sweating at a time when I won't technically be training for anything.

Picture 1With that said, Roni has apparently done such an awesome job organizing the conference that New Balance has offered to sponsor a 5K run/walk on the Saturday morning of the conference.  This is really exciting and fun news in my world.

Unfortunately, not everyone can attend the conference and participate in the 5K with the whole Fitbloggin' crew.  However, one crafty blogger has decided that she's still going to participate in the 5K...virtually!  She wants everyone else to join in the FITBLOGGIN' 2010 VIRTUAL 5K RUN/WALK.  I think it's an awesome idea!  Click on her link to check it out.

So, regardless of whether or not you will be at FitBloggin' 2010 in the flesh, you can still be there in spirit!  If you decide to virtually participate, I want to hear all about it!

How about today--what is everyone doing to sweat TODAY?  Personally, I'm running 2 miles at lunch, and then I have kickboxing tonight (after 2 weeks of Snowcation).  Stay tuned to see if  I make it through both workouts...I'm doubtful.

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