Flake, Fragment, Update, Repeat.

Since I'm kind of a random person, and I'm a little flaky and slightly fragmented...I have a tendency of being all over the place with my posts at times.  In an effort to not be flaky, fragmented and random, I often only tell you about the most pervasive thought on my mind at any given point. I just know that if I didn't filter things out, there's a chance that I'd lose you at the post title.  Heck.  Maybe I already lose you at the post title...it's not like I have a million readers or anything!

Maybe my post titles suck.

Or maybe my content just sucks.

That wouldn't surprise me.  I'm flaky, and I like to consider myself an accidental overachiever.  I'll try anything (15K, 1/2 marathon, marathon, cooking Kabocha Squash, kickboxing), and I normally suck at everything.  However, the fact that I am too stubborn to quit gives the illusion that I'm really good at it.

I'm still searching for the one thing that I'm totally awesome at, but in the meantime, I'll just keep doing a lot of things that I suck at.  The fact that I could be writing a blog that nobody reads is totally OK with me.  I don't deal well under pressure anyway.

See.  Right there.  I just flaked.

Anyway.  My point is that there are times when I WANT to talk to you about more than just a recipe or my workout in one post.  I just didn't want to confuse you.  So, at times like these, I'm just going to start categorizing: sweat fest, food fest, love fest, random fest, and anything else I might feel like adding in the future.

I like terms that end in "fest".

And here we go.  I'd be honored if you read my entire posts (duh), but please feel free to scroll to the area of my posts that you care about the most.  From now on, just look for these logos:


[excuse me, but but how cute is she?!]


[makes me hungry!]






So, the majority of what I have for you right now is a sweatfest update, since it took me all day to find and edit all of these cute little category pictures.  In case you haven't already noticed, I tend to get stuck on the details.  Just ask My Gazelle.  Listening to me tell a story is literally a project-type scenario that he has to prepare himself for.

Kidding.  I'm sure he doesn't think I'm that bad.  I hope.

I have been running as planned, although taking it much easier than I have in my past training plans.  My plan for the Disney Princess 1/2 has been half "fly by the seat of my pants" "do what feels right", and half "use your knowledge of published training plans".  In all honesty, I have never felt better at this point in training.

My twice-weekly 45 minute kickboxing sessions at The Bam's Martial Arts has most definitely had a positive impact on my running.  I can't say that I'm even a little bit faster, but that was never the goal.  I feel stable and strong on my feet these days, and I'm not fearing an injury during every run.  Like I said, I'm not getting faster...but I'm not injured.


randomI'm very excited to tell you that I've finally broken into this millennium and started a Tumblr account.  There is basically nothing there yet, but my goal is to put many more of the impromptu things that I want to talk about on there, without having to deal with the drama of a full-on Wordpress publish.  I talk about a lot of crap on Twitter that I don't do a full post on WP, but it's still interesting stuff that people might care about.

I'm new with Tumblr, so if anyone wants to give me suggestions, that would be awesome.  I'm also looking for cool peeps to follow on Tumblr, so give me a shout if you're on there!

Tomorrow, I plan to post a recipe for Almond Ginger Woofies (dog treats), so get ready!


So did you see my post yesterday about Thai Curry Soup?

Do you have a great recipe that you can share with me?  I've found a few online, but they're all different, and I'm scared.

Also in the works for food fest is (still) my Soup eBook.  I didn't forget about it, and I know that by the time it's finished, it'll probably be this summer, but I'm still working on it.  I didn't realize that my life was going to be too busy to finish it as quickly as I wanted to originally.  But, don't give up hope, I didn't forget!

Ta ta for now!

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