Flashback Friday: TRX Suspension Trainer Review

Almost a year ago, My Gazelle and I were on our way out the door to go to the gym, when we realized that we were trapped inside our condo development. Street fairs be damned, we were still going to get our workout in for the day. Thankfully, we had this contraption around. I really can't say enough nice things about the TRX trainer. It's seriously one of the only all-in-one systems that is entirely portable and works your whole body. You can alter the exercises to fit your own ability level, and I was even able to still use it when I was recovering from my knee/leg/calf (IT Band) injury.

I tried to find you a coupon code for the TRX, but no dice. I even searched on my affiliate site, and there are no special deals at the moment (Dear TRX: how about a coupon code?). However, they do offer free shipping on all orders over $150.

Full Disclosure: Yes, I have a TRX Affiliate account (that nifty TRX ad that you see on the left takes you to my site), but this review was done WAY before I ever knew what a 'TRX Affiliate account' even was. The review is unbiased. But if you want to buy one, help your girl out and click through to my store! I mean...you're gonna buy it anyway, right?

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_____________________ Originally Posted May 12, 2009

My Gazelle loves the TRX Suspension Trainer.  This past Saturday, we were being held hostage in our development due to a street festival, thus foiling all previous plans of us making it to the gym.

What is any logical person to do?  Well, take their TRX outside, wander around the neighborhood, find a huge telephone pole, attach the TRX, and proceed to get in a suuuurious workout.

If our neighbors didn't think we were strange before, they definitely do now.

Here is My Gazelle's full review of the TRX Suspension Trainer, complete with sweaty hawt boy pix.  And there's one of me.  I'm sweaty, but not hawt.  I only allowed that one picture of me to prove that the best part of the TRX is that anyone with a basic level of fitness can use this piece of equipment.  Better yet, My Gazelle and I used this together, with very few modifications.

It was quite the romantic afternoon on our TRX.

And now, My Gazelle, with the occasional picture and commentary from moi...


After seeing a lot about the TRX suspension trainer on the internet, I had to see for myself what the talk was all about. I've been training in Street Combat (martial arts) for the last 8 months, and I'm always interested in ways to get stronger without weights.  I like to be strong but not bulky, because it makes my martial arts training more effective.  I decided to buy the TRX Force Kit. Thanks to my frugal girlfriend (who found a $30 off coupon online), I paid $179.95 for the kit.  It comes with an instructional DVD, training manual, TRX suspension trainer, door anchor, and a carrying bag.


The first workout with the TRX that I did was while watching the “Day 1” DVD workout (34 minutes long).  It was basically a leg workout with a lot of core work.  I had NEVER done a thirty-minute workout and sweated my tail off like that! The single leg squats and suspended lunges are my favorite leg exercise, and the suspended crunch is my favorite core exercise on the Day 1 program.

The Day 2 program is all upper body and core exercises, and is very challenging!  The first exercise for day 2 takes a lot of strength. It’s called the Suspended Incline Press. If you have ever done a jack knife push-up (Chinese pushup), imagine raising both legs on an incline and then trying to do a pushup. If its sounds difficult, that’s because it is!  I only can do 5 at a time without killing my shoulders and abs.


This exercise (as with most of the TRX exercises) can be modified so that they are easier at first.

exercise-1-girly The "Day 2" workout brings with it Atomic Pushups.  This exercise is for your chest and core stabilization, and is also one of my favorite exercises. You face away from your "post " (the structure that your TRX trainer is anchored to), place your feet in the straps, and get in a push-up position.  The exercise involves performing a standard push-up, then bringing your knees to your chest.  It’s no joke.



I have never used any type of equipment like this before, but now I’m addicted! If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that will work your entire body with every exercise, but is not too hard to install, this is it!


("Don't arch your back, hot stuff!")




("Oh...just do that back row thing instead...")

This one?


("Yep, yep...that's the one...lookin' good...great form...wait, hold it right there...one more picture...")

The TRX suspension trainer is amazing and you will see a difference in your overall strength if you continuously use it.  I definitely recommend the TRX, but when you first use it I suggest starting off by using the DVD in order to learn the exercises and form.


So, there ya have it. My Gazelle says it's great, and I even love the thing.  I've used it a few times besides this impromptu neighborhood session, and I plan to add it to my weekly workout plans in addition to running and cross training.

Here's an actual video of cool people using the TRX.  They're better at it than us:

If anyone has any questions about the TRX, ask away!  I also have a ton more pictures, and I can post videos as well.  Ask and you shall receive!


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