Funky Friday.

And no, I'm not referring to the smell of my gym clothes. BLUE BETTY IS FIXED!

(***confetti***happy dance***confetti***)

To celebrate Blue Betty's recovery, a Funky Friday tribute to her.

Thanks to Arrow Bicycle in Hyattsville, Maryland, my girl is all fixed. It was quite a fiasco because she was chilling at a local bike shop that wasn't able to fix her. Yesterday, I used my 15 minute afternoon break to go to the "other" bike shop and pick her up. After work, I drove the 16 miles (which took 40 minutes thanks to DC traffic) to Arrow Bicycle, and they had it fixed for me in TWENTY MINUTES.

I'm sure that I literally SKIPPED all the way back to the car with my bike. I'm also sure that at least one person muttered "crazy white girl" under their breath as I skipped on by.

I don't care, people. MY BIKE IS FIXED.

I also have to report that MY EYEBALL IS FIXED!

This means that my little bike and I are driving to New York later today, and we get to do a brick with My Sista. All is not lost, and my 'no good, very bad week' is now officially repaired.

Unlike Sunday, today is a good day.



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