Gettin' the Boot

I'm selling a pair of new Frye Nora boots, size 8.5.

I wouldn't normally tell you this on the blog, but I thought I should spread the word since these boots are sold out everywhere.  I bought them a couple of weeks ago on eBay, but they're too snug on my man calves.

Unfortunately, this means that they're gettin' the boot.

Luckily, My Sista came to the rescue and got me a new pair of boots over the weekend.  They have indeed helped to heal my heart from the loss of the Frye Nora's.

[animal print tights sold separately]

If I told you that these are the only pair of boots that I own, that would be a complete lie.  Possibly one of the biggest lies that I've told.  Boots are my heart.  As soon as the first leaf falls in September, I'm digging out all of my warm, comfy boots.

I pretty much wear them non-stop from September until March, and even then I try to stretch it.  I was afraid to try on boots in the past, due to my massive calves, but I have been pleasantly surprised lately to find that many boots come in "wide calf" or stretchy varieties.

If you have any trepidation about wearing boots yourself, please check out Already Pretty's "How To Find Your Perfect Boots".  I have mentioned this blog before, but it's worth mentioning again, since I find countless measures of inspiration from Sally's creative outfit choices.  She definitely had a hand in my animal print tights.

How do you feel about boots?  Love them, hate them, issues with them?


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