CONTEST CLOSED! (Giveaway) Starbucks Wednesday

Today, I decided to have a giveaway. Why?

Because I finished my second triathlon on Saturday.

Also, because last night I made vegan zucchini muffins (thanks Sarah!) with the zucchini that my Grandma gave me when I saw her on Sunday.

And while the zucchini muffins were baking, I was boiling the red skin potatoes that my dad dug up for me from his garden, also on Sunday.

And while the red skin potatoes were cooking, I was dunking My Gazelle's pork chops in a pasty mixture of flour and coconut milk, then dredging them in corn flakes.

(No, there is no hidden meaning in that "pork chop" reference...although it sounds like fun.)

And then I whipped up some biscuits.

And green beans.

And then, as I washed the dishes in my bathtub, I cried salty tears of kitchen remodeling projects gone awry.

(Actually, that's a lie. My Gazelle washed the dishes in our bathtub. He's not much of a crier, but I cried for him).

I got no freakin' kitchen, man!


OK, that's a lie too. I sort of have a kitchen. But, is it really a kitchen if there is no running water? I feel like that's some sort of building code or something.


I have to admit that this is actually a pretty sweet mixing station, despite the hole(s) in the wall(s). And even though the "countertop" is a little 'teeter-y'.

I have this untenable need to cook and bake, especially in times of stress and anxiety. Cooking and baking are great stress relievers for me. My lack of a proper kitchen has equated to a huge bout of stress and anxiety in my life. Huge. So, I'm stressed out about not having a kitchen, which makes me want to use the kitchen. I use the kitchen, then get stressed out because I essentially have no kitchen. It's like a viscous cycle that I can't escape.

Picture 1

I'm sure you can understand my need to self-medicate this morning. Several weeks ago, I instituted "Starbucks Wednesdays" in my department. What began as a way for me to justify my addiction to Starbucks Venti Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee, turned out to be a great way to liven up Hump Day.

There are 4 other employees in my department, and they love "Starbucks Wednesdays". When your girl walks in the office holding a tray full of grande Frapp and latte goodness, my girls yell "YAY, STARBUCKS WEDNESDAYS!"

Trust me, making them smile makes me smile too.

I recommend doing this with your employees. Everyone loves Starbucks, and even people who don't drink coffee can still partake in a Frappuccino, iced tea, iced chai, or some sort of fruity drink. There are tons of choices.

And, because I need to feel loved right now, I'm buying your love with a giveaway.


The Details: (1) $25 Starbucks gift card (1) Lucky winner, US residents only

How to enter -- (1) entry for each: (1) Comment (1) Tweet: @joggerslife is giving away a $25 @Starbucks gift card! I wanna win, so don't enter! (1) Mention on your blog

(1) Week to comment, tweet, and blog about it! Contest ends Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 12Noon

SO, get busy!


*p.s...Starbucks has no idea who I am, and they have not provided me with a gift card for this giveaway. I'm buying this gift card for you because I like to enable people so that I can justify my own addiction. Your welcome.


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